Life’s a Beach

Beach holidays are on the top of most people’s bucket lists, and it isn’t hard to know why.  The idea of pristine, clean beaches and crispy cool waters is enough to have you packing and booking a ticket.

But, rocking up at your holiday destination, whether booked via a South Africa vacation packages deal or a spur-of-the-moment decision, unprepared, can ruin your entire vacation.

So, we have put together an easy check list which you will thank us for later, especially when you are curled up on a lazy chair reading your fave holiday romance, a cool breeze blowing through your salt-laced hair.

Besides the obvious attire, which we will not be listing here, there are a few items you should consider taking with you.  Remember, you may well be at a resort, like a conference centre at Bon Hotels, who will probably have a few of these which you could purchase, however, they may be pricey, and they may not cater to all your needs.

On The Sand

Sand always poses a real problem, for most, and while you may have resigned yourself to sandy toes and even sandier handbags, it needn’t be that way at all.

Zip Lock Plastic Packets

These are a god-send, for all and any smaller items, such as cell phones, keys, room cards, sunglasses (nothing worse than sand-encrusted sunnies to upset the day), snacks, juice boxes, cash, and Kindles (or any reading device, such as a good old fashioned real book, or a tablet).

Extra Water Bottles

Not for drinking, mind you, but for rinsing off sandy extremities, especially as you step off the sand and onto a non-sandy surface.  These you can fill up from empty water bottles right from your hotel room.  I know I am not a lover of sand-caked feet.

Sand Wine Glasses

If you have ever wanted to have a little vino down at the water’s edge, try figure out what to do with the wine glass.   But, if you’re a clever Alec, you will purchase a few plastic pointy based wine glasses from a thrift store focusing on corporate gifting garden route.  These just get pushed into the sand and will stay put, ready for your next sip. Or even better, you get the wine glass holders, which can double for a candle too.  All romantic-like!

A Travel Pillow

Preferably the waterproof type. This will come in handy when you want to take a lay-down.   It is just much more comfortable than piling loads of towels under your head. Those little beans just work.

Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink

Take a few bottles of fresh drinking water with.  Dehydration is the number one vacation killer, especially where there is alcohol involved.

In The Water

At some point, you are going to head out into the water.  So, what will you need?

Sunglasses Savvy

I would suggest that you don’t take your best sunglasses down to the beach and water.  They are liable to come off out in the water, and you don’t want to be not wearing them, as your eyes need protection from the sun too.

So, purchase a cheaper, still trendy pair, and for the sake of not having to replace them too, add on a strap so they stay put on your head.

Shoe Heaven

Some beaches have sharp rocks out in the shallows, so water shoes will work very well.  They, not only, protect your tender feet against sharp gashes, but also allow you to explore areas you couldn’t with bare feet.

Snorkelling Fun

It is such fun to don a snorkel and mask, and go checking out the small sea life in the rock pools and shallow waters.  The kids will thank you for sure.  Just be sure to put loads of sunblock on the back of your neck and back.

Towel It

An obvious one, but you really can never have too many towels on hand.  First for drying off, second just to lay on, and third for wiping off sandy feet (that is if you forgot the extra water bottles, as mentioned before)

Under The Sun

Yes, that sun!  We love her, but she can be harsh, so be prepared for her.

Wipe it Away

Disposable wipes, such as is used by moms for babies, are real helpful out on the beach.  When you start to perspire, they are cooling and soothing on the skin.  To get rid of sticky ice-cream hands, just pull out a disposable swab.  Kids have messed juice all over themselves and refuse to go into the water?  Whip out a disposable wipe.

Wide and Wonderful Hats

A broad-rimmed wide angled sun hat is key to protecting your face, and it is your face that will take the brunt of the sun, especially the top of your nose, and in addition your shoulders. Make sure you get a hat wide enough to cover your shoulders!  And, this applies to men and women, and all ages of kids.

Sun Screener

Also, an obvious call, but you will be surprised how often this miracle cream is forgotten down on the beach.  It is a great idea to buy the spray bottles and a clear lotion. That way it will go on easier and won’t leave lovely white streaks all over your skin. Especially when sunbathing or swimming in a hot country like Namibia. Read more about that place here.

After Sun Creamer

Just as important as the SPF lotion to apply before going into the sun, the after-sun cream is tops.  Even though you think you have covered every nook and cranny, you may miss a spot, or the water will wash it off before reapplying, and that soothing lotion will be key.  Aloe Vera is a great after sun soother.

These items may not be an obvious checklist bunch, and that’s why you need it when you next choose your destination from a South Africa vacation packages brochure.


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