Head out to BC for an Adventure of a Lifetime

If you’re constantly searching out your next adrenaline fix, look no further than heli skiing. As the only way to experience an up-close look at the Rockies that also affords you speed and vertical, it’s the only skiing experience that promises you an adventure. There’s something to be said for being deposited on the side of a mountain and left to ski your way back to your lodgings. Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll never want to ski the old fashion way again.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-22-41-18o your lodgings. Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll never want to ski the old fashion way again.

There are places all around the world that are known for their skiing, but perhaps nowhere is as synonymous with heli skiing as Revelstoke, British Columbia. It is, after all, where the sport was invented. It was here, nestled in the Kootenay Rockies, that a Hans Gmoser began flying his thrill-seeking friends to the towering peaks of the mountains. Since then, the secrets of the Rockies have spread and now heli skiing is a popular sport for those who need a little adrenaline with their run. Known for its breathtaking views, uncut powder, and potential for vertical, heli skiing is growing as a sport.

There’s little wonder when you research why, especially when you stick to private companies. A small boutique operator, such as the exclusive Great Canadian Heli Skiing resort, can offer unprecedented adventure and relaxation. When you stop by Canadianheli-skiing.com today you’ll see that a complete experience awaits you on the Rockies, as your holiday will include things like:

  • Powder privileges loyalty program that gifts long-time visitors with gear
  • Guaranteed flights — only 2 days a season are deemed inappropriate or unsafe
  • Flexible packages that can be customized to your preferences
  • Small group skiing
  • Expert guides and pilots to promote safety during your adventure
  • Mountainside cuisine prepared by top chefs
  • Private cabins with access to modern amenities, including sauna and massage therapists

It doesn’t seem like it, but these exceptional services are just added bonuses when compared to the untouched powder and the breathtaking views that await you on top of the mountains. The real adventure of cutting through the corn snow and passing by BC’s most beautiful landscape is the real reason behind your trip. See for yourself why adventure enthusiasts have been following in Gmoser’s footsteps since the 50s and making heliskiing a popular sport. Book your holiday with a boutique operator. It’s a guaranteed way to get your adrenaline fix, with the added advantage of exclusive luxury.


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