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Fashion Tips For Men


Fashion for men has a complicated story that has now come to a point where the modern man has really begun to look after himself. Therefore every man should know the following rules to help him pick of the best clothes and wear them properly. By no means is this list complete, but it is certainly something to stick to. I hope you enjoy learning more about the some quick tips to get you looking good and fast.

Quality over quantity

Good quality clothing like Armani is naturally going to last a lot longer than lower quality clothing. It is important to find a good clothing store, such as Mainline Menswear, because you are much more likely to find better clothing here. It is important to also remember that not everything you have needs to be super expensive, but it is better in the long run because it lasts longer and you will actually save time and money by not having to buy things so often.


Layering is a great way to add structure to an outfit and also to stay warm during the cooler months. Wearing layers is great for more or less any season and is something that every man should try out in order to get it right. I would highly encourage you to layer when you get the chance to create a great looking outfit.

Wear accessories

Getting a basic outfit right isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but getting your accessories right can be a little difficult to do. The best thing is to keep them to a minimum and you will be sure to get things right. A simple watch or ring is enough to give your clothes a touch of class and really boost your outfit. Quality is an important thing here, especially if you are going to keep your accessories to a minimum

Find the right fit for you

One thing that we all know about men is that no two are alike and this is something that plagues many men when it comes to clothes fitting properly. Clothes that fit well are of course the ones that are going to look best on you. Forget the labels tight and baggy, try it on and find something that fits perfectly between these two descriptions. If you need to, bring a friend along, as this will ensure some honesty and also better chances of buying the right fit for you. Once you know the right fit, you will naturally know the right brands and stores where you can find the ideal fit.


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