Orlando Theme Parks are where the fun is this year!

Situated in the Southeastern region of the United States, the Florida panhandle offers sightseers a number of opportunities to explore the wildlife and theme park attractions this fun state has to offer.

The everglades, a one and a half million square acre national park is a plethora of flora and fauna with amazing bio-diversity ranging from grassy wetlands to coastal mangroves and pine flatwoods. one of the worlds rarest and endangered species can also be found here such as leatherback turtles, the Florida panther and Indian manatees. For adrenaline junkies and speed freaks alike, then a trip on one of the famous Florida airboats is a must, or take a ride around the swamps like the locals have been doing for years in one of the swamp buggys.

For all of you keen fisherman out there or if it’s snorkeling or scuba diving is your thing, then the 120 mile long Florida Keys chain of islands would be perfect for you. The tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a perfect place to indulge your favourite activities. Key West, made famous by Ernest Hemingway, which incidentally has a museum dedicated to him there, is famous for its nightlife, especially Mallory square and the famous Duvall Street.

If you’re just a big kid at heart then the obvious place to head is Orlando. Famed for its many theme parks, you are definitely going to be spoilt for choice here. The Epcot Centre, situated within Walt Disney World theme park is dedicated to giving you the experience of a lifetime. Taking you on trips into virtual space, hang-glide around the globe and even venture beneath the waves and try to find Nemo.

After your journey through time and space, head for Universal Studios film and t.v themed parks.  One attraction that cannot be missed by all fans of Hogwarts School of Wizardry is the Harry Potter experience. Ride the Hogwarts Express train, have some lunch at the Leaky Cauldron restaurant and then do some shopping for all items wizardy at Weasleys. Whatever your taste in all things from the big screen, Universal probably has an attraction there just for you.

Finally, after all of your travelling around Orlando and you could just do with cooling off, then head over to Wet and Wild. This water park is ideal for families or groups offering a range of water rides from the extreme six story vertical drop Der Stuka slide or the nice and leisurely Lazy River ride.

The great thing about all the parks in Orlando is that you can get your tickets before you go and save some money. Have fun!

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