What it Takes to Sell Celebrity Properties

Celebrities often feel like they live in a fishbowl and when one of their properties goes up for sale that fishbowl just seems to grow. Real estate agents who have taken on the task to sell a celebrity property are often faced with numerous, unique challenges. This is why it takes a very special agent to sell the property. The following are some traits celebrity real estate agents should possess if they wish to plaster that ‘for sale’ sign on the front gate.

A Good Eye for Potential Buyers

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The minute a celebrity property goes on the market the general public is going to be interested. A celebrity real estate agent needs to know how to weed out the ‘celebrity groupies’ and find those people who are really interested in purchasing the property and not just sightseeing.

A Sense of Humor

Some people want to create a story they can share with their kids and grandkids, and some just want a good laugh. The best way to do that is to call the listing agent and carry on a wild and crazy conversation or make a prank call like you used to do in middle school. So, come prepared with an open mind and a sense of humor if you wish to become a celebrity real estate agent.

An Ability to Elegantly Decorate Empty Space

Many celebrities just pick up and leave their home. That leaves the agent with thousands of square footage to sell with nothing inside. A good celebrity real estate agent will have the ability to decorate empty space in an elegant, yet cost-effect way.  If you get stuck for ideas, visiting blogs like the FreedomSoft blog can give you some ideas on how to decorate homes for less – even celebrity homes.

The Ability to Become a Secret Keeper

Unless the property that you are trying to sell was previously owned by a high ranking A-list celebrity, people won’t know who lived there. A celebrity real estate agent needs to become a secret keeper and know who the celebrity client is without telling the buyer. It can be a tough secret to keep, but if that’s how the client wants it you’ll have to keep your lips sealed.

Dedication and Commitment to Sell the Home

Celebrities often keep odd hours, which means that their real estate agent must be willing to keep those hours too. Most celebrity real estate agents should be dedicated and committed to selling the home at all costs. If that means meeting the client at 3 a.m. because they just got off a movie shoot then it means that is the meeting time. Dedication and commitment will not only get you the celebrity clients you want, but will have you selling homes in no time.

Possessing these skills can give you what it takes to sell celebrity properties. If you possess these skills who knows you just could be the next real estate agent to the stars!

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