Petra, situated in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, which is the city of rose-colored stone, became my first choice to spend vacations after since I have visited there. It was all like a dream came true situation there for me. You are going to regret if you had forgotten your camera at home.

If you are planning visit to Petra, then spring and autumn are the best seasons, rather than in summer. Weather is much pleasant in these days there. It would be better if you start your journey early in the morning with the sunrise in the city. A day is sufficient to wander there.

There are four segments of the city: from entrance to the Siq, Siq to the treasury, treasury to the stairs of the monastery and the last one – 822 stairs of the monastery. When you enter, the only modes of transportation are horses, donkeys andcamels. They take you from the entrance to the Siq. After crossing the passage, you are at Treasury, which is a rock cut temple and the most photographic place, due to its incredible art. Past the next bend is the street of facades. It is a large valley lined with the facades of various tombs. A roman theater is there at the end of the street of facades, which is still being used for occasional performances with 7000 seat capacity. On taking a short walk opposite to the roman theater up the hill there arethe royal tombs. The next place to visit is the monastery, for which you have to hike up 822 steps carved out of the mountain to the monastery building. This is areal breathtaking place. Views looking out over the surrounding valleys are stunning.

If you have enough time, then do not miss out the chance to stay there for a night. Petra by night happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20:30. It is decorated only with the candles. They will present a short play of Bedouin at the treasury. It may seem less impressive to you if you have seen the Treasury during daytime.

There is a place called the High Place of Sacrifices, placed at the top of the mountain, which contains elaborate rock altars used for sacrifices. A Beautiful scenery of the city of Petracan be seen from this high place. The highest peak in the area is the Mountain of Aharon. There is a small church and tomb of Aharon.

This was the best trip I have ever had, and the most wonderful experience of my life till now. It was a very refreshing and unforgettable trip for me. If you are planning to visit Petra in this vacation then this is going to be your best vacation ever.

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