Visiting Prague

There is nothing better enjoy seeing the sights of Prague and it is one of the prettiest, cheapest and most exciting cities in all of Europe. I like to head there as often as I can and love to get out and take it all in. Because of this I am writing this article and I hope you like it.

The castle

Prague castle is one of the highlights of the city for sure, with its hilltop location, history and stunning architecture that dates from many periods in history. You can explore the rooms of the castle and take in the views of the city, whilst also enjoying the peaceful gardens that surround the castle.

Old town square

This is really the heart of the city and the largest square in Prague. It is a fascinating place that is surrounding by many beautiful buildings, market stalls, buskers and many interesting people. It is the ideal place to stop and watch the tourists and locals walk by. No matter what time of the day it is, this is a great place to be and it could a great place to start you on your night out in Prague.

The Jewish Quarter

This place in the northwestern part of Prague is home to many important places such as a number of synagogues, museums and the Old Jewish Cemetery. This is particularly a beautiful site, as it is the oldest of its kind in the world. There are some 12,000 visible graves and at this time the graves were placed directly on top of each other. There are indeed many layers and as many as 12 in parts of the cemetery! This is an interesting and unique place to visit.

The Charles Bridge

This historic bridge crosses the Vltava river that runs through prague and was constructed by King Charles IV. The bridge was extremely important as it was the only way to actually cross the Vltava up until the 19th century. The construction and architecture of the bridge is something to marvel at with the many statues and the old bridge towers. These are fine examples of Gothic architecture and are a beautiful place to view the city from.


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