Two Gadgets that will make your Smartphone even Smarter

We live in a glorious day and age where with each new day, a whole number of awesome new smartphone gadgets are introduced. If you are one of those people that only uses their phone to play Candy Crush while you aren’t looking at videos of cats, then we definitely have a surprise (or two) for you.

Novation Launchpad MIDI

Music is a fantastic thing, with each and every person being able to find some level of pleasure from the many different sounds that fill us with a large array of emotions. With electronic music becoming so greatly popular recently, added to the brilliant feature that not much expense has to go towards the creating of top-class electronic music, this fantastic gadget will definitely have you entertained for hours on end. Simply connect the Launchpad to your tablet or computer and you will have access to a whopping 64 programmable buttons, allowing you to mix and master the most amazing beats straight to your device. Not only does this gadget come with a number of pre-recorded sounds, it also allows for you to upload your own sounds, giving you the freedom to allow your creative juices to flow.

iPhone Slot Machine

Who doesn’t love the exciting thrills of the ever-popular Pokies, more commonly known as the good ol’ One-Armed-Bandit Slot machine? Whether it is the bright flashing lights, the exciting sound effects bouncing around or simply that awesome feeling of winning, there is no one that can deny that the idea of gambling definitely stirs something up in each and every one of us. The problem with these games though, is in order to achieve the full experience, one will have to visit an actual casino, using real money. Thanks to this awesome gadget though, this is now a thing of the past. Now you can experience the thrills of the real machine, from the comfort of your home. Simply slide your device into the docking station and let the jackpot bells ring.

By Jason Swindon