Travel to Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Gentle fjords, lovely snow-capped peaks, quaint villages and gentle towns are some of the features of the country that is most desired by visitors from all over the world. The Norwegians love for nature manifests itself in their concern for their environment and their emphasis on protecting the natural wealth of their country.

Norway’s Fjords

Norway holidays are once in a lifetime experience. It sounds clichéd, but this extraordinarily beautiful country can charm every visitor with her unspoiled wilderness, her national parks and the fjords where the sea meets the rugged mountains. Natural grace in the beauty of outlying villages and solitary homesteads, a reverence for nature and her varied vistas from the people and above all, a belief in that they are responsible for taking care of the environment has made Norway a country worth a visit.

How to Get to Norway

Flights to Oslo are available from all over Europe, since it is a major Scandinavian hub. There are flights that connect Oslo to over 100 destinations abroad and to 24 domestic airports. There are also many cruise ships that, while traversing the Balkan region, have made some ports in Norway as one of their intermediate halts.

When to Visit Norway

The Gulf Stream which flows along the coast of Norway is responsible for the temperate climate that this country enjoys, even though it is at the same latitude as Alaska. The chief tourist season is from the middle of June till the middle of August. However, from May onwards, the flowers are in full bloom. Till September, most tourist sites are open and the parks are ready to welcome its visitors. The Midnight Sun is visible one day in the year north of the Arctic Circle, and from 13th May till 29th July at Nordkapp.

Travel Around Norway

One of the best ways to see Norway is by taking a boat trip through the fjords. You will get a chance to see Norway in all her splendour, and also be able to visit many of the villages and towns located around the fjords. Travelling by rail or by road is also a great way to see and enjoy this beautiful country. The E-roads are particularly good; only watch out for the moose and red deer that tend to come on to the road suddenly. Travelling by road during the winter months is not recommended.

Things to Do in Oslo

The city of Oslo is a mixture of the old and the new, and it is just the correct geographical size for exploring it by foot. There are so many things to do in Oslo, ranging from visiting the many museums, to taking part in its active nightlife, or just enjoying the many outdoor activities that the city offers. The Holmenkollen Ski Museum offers a glimpse into the challenging world of skiing; the National Gallery has an enviable collection of paintings by masters. The many cafes and bars and the world class restaurants in this city make it a joy to visit. Oslo is the only European capital which offers skiing, cycling, ice-skating, kayaking and sailing all within the city limits or just a short train ride away from it.

Outdoor Activities

Norway offers some of the most beautiful ski slopes in the world and also some great hiking opportunities. You can go walking in the beautiful parks in Oslo or try some challenging Alpine hiking at Troms. One can even go skiing at Hemsedal or Trysil, or go sailing through the fjords.


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