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Travel Goals to Hit by 30

I’m currently on my delayed honeymoon in Seattle and Vancouver, so I’m running several guest posts while I’m away. Please enjoy this one from Mackenzie Daniels. I think these are wonderful goals to have, though I’m already 26 and have only done two of these (volunteer and seeing some of the wonders), so some might be better as lifetime goals for many of us!

Turning the big 3-0 is a milestone that some people dread, while for others it may signal the beginning of the end for their travel adventures for a few years as they look to settle down and possibly start a family. Time waits for no one, as the Rolling Stones once sang, so arm yourself with the best travel insurance you can afford and cross off as many of the following travel goals before you bid farewell to your 20s.

Route 66

Travel down Route 66

Possibly the most famous strip of tarmac in the world, it spans nearly 2,500 miles across America and has inspired people of all ages to hit the open road for decades. There’s something distinctively American about a good old road trip, and it’s an experience to savor if you can travel along some of Route 66, preferably in a convertible with the roof down and the tunes pumping out of the stereo.

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Northern LightsSee the Northern Lights

The natural phenomenon is a result of a large number of electrically-charged particles colliding with the atoms at a high altitude. Head to countries like Alaska, Canada, Russia, and particularly northern Norway for the best chance of seeing the spectacular light shows, which tend to occur between September and March.

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Busy foreign cityLive in a major city in a different country

Time is precious when you’re roaming around on your travels, as we strive to cram as much as possible into just a few short days. That’s why it’s hugely advantageous to try and set up a temporary home in a major city, even if it’s just for a month or so. Only then can you really learn all about a different culture and way of life.

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Asian languageBecome fluent in a foreign language

Okay, being fluent in a foreign tongue may be asking too much, but you should at least make the effort to try and understand as much about a new language as possible. Not only is it immensely rewarding, it also makes traveling a lot more convenient.

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Skydiving in TaupoSkydive in Taupo

The New Zealand town has been labeled the skydiving capital of the world. Whether that’s true or not is open to some debate, although what is not in any doubt is that the stunning surroundings, which include the country’s biggest lake, Lake Taupo, and a dormant volcano, make for an awesome backdrop when you’re thousands of feet in the air.

Image courtesy of Pat Scullion

VolunteeringDo volunteer work

From getting involved in a wildlife conservation project to teaching in a remote part of the world, there are endless opportunities to do volunteer work for all manner of worthy causes. It could just be a case of donating a few hours of your time to help others and it’s bound to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Pyramid in EnglishSee the Seven Wonders

Ticking off all seven is a tall order, so you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back if you’ve visited at least a handful of them. Then there are all the attractions that are said to be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ like the Grand Canyon, Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge, and the Statue of Liberty. All of these are a must.

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shark in great barrier reefSwim with sharks off the Great Barrier Reef

Not for the faint-hearted, but you’ll be more than rewarded for your bravery should you venture into the vast underwater world off the coast of Australia. All sorts of weird and wonderful species live in the Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef on the planet.

Image courtesy of Richard Ling

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