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Travel 101: Organizing Luggage for Travel

traveling bluesPacking travel luggage has always been a dilemma for most of the travelers, me included. Part of my worries are how to fit in all the clothes I want and need to bring including all the ‘extras’  without just clumsily throwing everything in the luggage.

I’d say after over a few travels, packing neatly is both a talent and a skill that I have yet to muster. One way or another, travelers, would have the dilemma of where to put one bulky essential to the already-full travel bag, or finding where they put this and that in their luggage.  I experience these same things.

Here are few organizer pouches must-haves that have helped me on every travel.

space bags

Space Compressor Bags

Clothes tops the list of the bulk in anyone’s luggage. Of course, we tend to add some extra clothes in our luggage for some unexpected trips (I’m pleading guilty on this). Space bags, packing envelopes and cubes are the best way to handle this. It helps us, travelers, to organize clothes, underwear and other clothing. I myself have two packing envelopes to sort the used and unused clothes afterwards. A note though that it lessens the bulk of your luggage but note that it does not lessen the weight.

Lillian Vernon Shoe tote

Shoe Bags

Shoes being one of the bulkiest, it is but crucial to find a nice luggage for that and not just any other plastic bag. Especially when you’re travelling with a number of shoes, Lilian Tote’s shoe organizer may come in handy. It can pack up to six shoes all together.



toiletry kit

Toiletries, Electronics and other Miscellaneous

It would be also best if there are separate pouches for your electronic gadgets (chargers, headsets, etc.),

toiletries and other things you want to sort. This helps for easily locating, and knowing where to return your things.

With my personal travels, I always want to devote my time more outside, hence, less time to fix my things in the hotel (I’m pretty sure a lot are with me on this). So these organizers help a lot. Zip locks are an essential too for leaky toiletries.

You’ll be surprised as much as I was with how these organizers can do. Especially for new to traveling, it’s hard to handle too many things you have in your luggage, so hope this helps!

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