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Best Topics to Teach In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a tough education system requiring students to perform at a high level. Getting extra help with some tutoring is known around the world as being a very important part of the educational process. The following list is the top 5 subjects offered by Hong Kong tutors. Consequently it is also a list of the highest paying tutor subjects in HK.


Calculus and trigonometry are two of the top subjects that higher level students struggle with. Man times the need for tutoring in these subjects requires instilling confidence in the students ability, as well as explaining the processes and formulas used. Once a sense of confidence is gained in these subjects there will be a rapid increase in grades. A student’s fear of these more advanced subjects can block their ability to think clearly and retain the information.

Science Tutoring

Science tutoring is next in line for subjects that are virtually impossible to be mastered without some sort of outside help. Physics and chemistry are the two top sciences related to Hong Kong tutoring needs. Physics can be especially difficult because of the abstract concepts it employs.

Foreign Languages

Language translation is a stumbling block for students because of the need to practice conversational inflections and tones in the languages that are being studied. It is impossible to master a foreign language unless you immerse yourself in it. English is the most common foreign language studied because it has become the world language for communication needs. Many Hong Kong tutors are teaching English and other foreign languages and earning good money.

Standardized Testing

The public examination system that is a deciding factor in university acceptance makes doing well on standardized testing a must for students of Hong Kong. The weight of these entrance exams cause many students to seek out good Hong Kong tutors even if they are able to grasp the concepts of the study guides on their own. The repercussions of a negative score carry too much of an impact.

Music and Musical Pursuits

While there may be a few piano aficionados out there, most students need guided study in music and musical pursuits. Music may not require studies for most students but the benefits of playing an instrument will see an increase in other academic areas. Hong Kong music tutors can help students advance rapidly in the mastering of individual pieces of music. The sense of accomplishment is a great ego boost that will carry over into any other academic area.

When a tutor decides on a subject area to specialize in any of the ones on this list has the potential to have a higher pay rate than some of the other standard tutoring subjects.

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