Top Venues Around The World For A Same-Sex Honeymoon  

Although, in general, ignorance is lessening about same-sex marriage and people are more widely accepting it as a norm, any gay couple will have a horror story about staying in a hotel or venue together and being treated badly. When you’re on your honeymoon, this kind of negativity is the last thing you need. The following venues are actively gay-friendly, so you can relax and enjoy your first days together as a married couple, without the stigma or awkwardness that you might find at other venues.


Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, UK
Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, UK

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, UK


You’ll be amazed at the variety of accommodation options at Port Lympne. They offer glamping, a luxury cottage, safari lodges, and bridal suites in an on-site mansion house. You’ll get to wake up to the sounds of sleepy animals – the scenery is beautiful, and it’s an immersive African savannah experience in the UK. You can also enjoy a day out in the fascinating animal park, usually as part of your accommodation price, depending on which option you choose.


La Grande Maison, France


You can’t get more romantic than a 17th century manor in France, surrounded by majestic food and wine. Yep, you can go on wine tours, tastings, and attend vino courses! While you’re in wine country, it would be rude not to. Within a ten minute drive, you can make the most of the local market towns and wineries.


The Secret Garden Villa, Italy


This villa, you’ll be happy to hear, is owned by a gay couple and includes jaw-dropping views (that never get old), beautiful gardens, and charming coastal paths. It really is a secluded getaway, situated in the small hamlet of Nocelle. Nocelle is a car-free area. The Amalfi Coast, where you can find this gorgeous villa, is a haven for couples that just want to get away from it all.


The Modern Houseboat, Berlin


This potential honeymoon venue clearly has a cool concept. One of its biggest advantages is that you have ideal city access, if you’re looking for entertainment and restaurants on your doorstep. We love the glass-fronted building for its views and relaxed atmosphere. If you want insider tips on what to do during your stay, the owners are a wealth of knowledge.


Boathouses, Scotland


You don’t need to travel to far-flung corners of the globe, when you can enjoy the wild beauty of Scotland. Shored up on a lovely loch, you can unwind and kick-back. It’s two hours from Edinburgh and Glasgow too, so you can easy take a drive to the city for a day (or catch a train).


Rival Hotel, Sweden


For something a bit more conventional, you can visit the Rival Hotel (Stockholm), which has been voted the number one most romantic hotel in Sweden! Stockholm is famous for its liberal perspective and Rival Hotel even has a special package for its LGBT customers, which includes a complementary bottle of champagne.

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