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Top Things to Do in Bordeaux City

Bordeaux CityBordeaux City represents a few things: history & art, architecture, and of course, wine. This captivating metropolis of Bordeaux in France is almost equated to wine; owning thousands of years of historical background of wine-making, it makes the city rich in this industry.

This fact may be of a good interest, but also, luckily, Bordeaux has more in store. Although it is not as famous as Paris to most of the travelers, this place is a good sight, being the biggest city in France.

Whether visiting the city maybe a side trip from your nearby European destination, or you have decided to mainly visit Bordeaux, luckily, it is very (very!) accessible. You can take a plane, train, car or bus. It’s pretty interesting how we can choose from many transportation options!

But what really should make you go here? Let me give you a run down of a few (it may be too many I couldn’t promise to name all) of the reasons why this should be one of your next trips:

Art and History

Bordeaux City architectureBordeaux is a museum in itself, with tons of other museums within. Stunning 18th century architecture are very visible in all parts of the city spanning from churches, hotels and museums that reflect the rich history of the city. You can just jump from these establishments and enjoy what is there to see.

Note: To aid you in this trip, you can first take a visit to a tourist office and get your copy of the carte touristique — this will help you ease up your trip to the chosen buildings and establishments.

Wine tasting events

Especially if you are a wine-lover, wine events must not be missed as such forms part of the city’s history. There are various wine events through out the year, it is helpful if you watch out for these events before you book your flight. The most famous of which is Bordeaux Fete le Vin, which is a main event in the city that happens in June. You can drink best-tasting wines and even purchase some to add to your cellar wine collection.

To make it more fun, you can also visit vineyards (where the actual wine-making takes place!). You can always go back to the tourist office to be toured to the best vineyards all over the metropolis and have a taste of the best wines in the city.

 Take a tour Around the River Garrone

Our history says that the best civilizations are built nearby a river, here it is for Bordeaux — the River Garrone. Most tourists do not miss the chance of taking a boat, canoe, pedal-boat or even a kayak ride in the river. It depends in the adventurous person in you.

Water Mirror in Bordeaux CIty
Go to the water mirror, a shallow pool where you can walk or skate around. On a slow day, you can also just relax and stroll around the river, appreciate the gardens and the scenic spots surrounding the river area.


Tons of shopping also awaits tourists in Bourdeaux. Along Rue St Catherine and also in St. Michael, you will find a long street of cheap finds. This is where the students in the city go to shop. But if you are in search of a more high-end shopping experience, you can always go to the city’s famous Cours de l’Intendance.

Souvenirs? Proceed near the downtown where you can grab the best finds at Le Marche des Grands Hommes. But can also find here pretty much everything you may need — clothing, jewellery, even wine.


Gravelier's foie gras

Because people in Bordeaux are a true-blue lover of the arts, from the restaurants’ edifice all the way to the cuisine have a touch of art that tourists must try out.

Outside most large squares in the city you can find some interesting restaurants. Gravelier is one of the well-famed restaurants in the city. It offers amazing French foods which are not terribly expensive; this is matched with one of the best wines in the city for a tourists’ gastronomic experience.

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