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Top spots for trekking this autumn

Trekking holidays are great at any time of the year, although when you start planning a trip you need to be aware of where’s good to hike when. If you’re not so keen on jetting off during peak summer holiday time, check out our suggestions of top places to go walking this autumn.

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We’ve broken our selection down by month and are giving you two options for each – these are far from your only choices, though; to see a whole range of walking holidays for the autumn and other times of year, check out this website.


Italy is one of the top autumn walking destinations in Europe as it boasts a variety of spectacular scenery, trails to suit all abilities and accommodation to fit all budgets. During the summer, much of the country is very hot, making walking uncomfortable, which is why it’s best to head here once the weather has cooled down.

There are plenty of places to go walking in Italy during September, both on the mainland and its islands. Sicily and Sardinia each offer stunning coastal treks, with the former also boasting a unique volcanic landscape that’s a delight to explore. If you haven’t had a holiday in Sardinia yet, then make 2017 the year you do.

Other options include the ever-popular Tuscany, the picture-perfect Amalfi coast and, for those seeking more of a challenge, the breathtaking Dolomites.

While the options for hiking in Venezuela might be more limited than those in Italy, they are no less spectacular. One of the most popular treks in the country is the route to the top of Mount Roraima – a vast table-top mountain (or tepui) that boasts a plateau featuring all kinds of weird and wonderful rock formations.

Hiking here is great for wildlife lovers, because you’ll get to spend a few days walking through dense tropical jungle before you reach the path to the summit of the tepui. You’ll also spend a day exploring the odd landscape of Roraima’s plateau – keep an eye out for amazing waterfalls and interesting native plant life, like orchids.

The main reason to come in September, though, is that the rains and clouds often break at this time of the year, presenting you with outstanding views of the forest and other tepuis that surround Roraima.


There are a host of fantastic autumn trekking hotspots in the Mediterranean, of which Cyprus is just one. This beautiful island is steeped in history, meaning you’ll have a fascinating and varied break if you decide to jet off here in a few months time.

For an unspoilt and quiet hiking holiday, we’d recommend heading to northern Cyprus, where you can enjoy a mixture of coastal and mountain walking in the stunning Besparmak Mountains and by the sea in the area surrounding Kyrenia.

Among the highlights of a walking tour in this part of the island are the 12th century Bellapais Abbey, the striking Buffavento Castle and the chance to visit remote mountain villages where you can still observe traditional Cypriot life.

Nepal is probably one of the most famous trekking destinations in the world, with the Himalayas drawing in thousands of keen hikers every year. October is a particularly wonderful month to visit the country, though, because the weather is typically clear, but you can still see the amazing greenery that’s grown following the monsoon.

There are two main trekking regions in Nepal – the area around Everest and the Annapurna range, both of which you can walk in during October. Although no hiking break in Nepal would be classed as easy, there are certainly gentler routes you can take if you’re not up for the challenge of walking to Everest Base Camp or tackling the entire Annapurna Circuit.


Canary Islands
Due to their position off the north-west coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are the perfect place to visit if you’re after a bit of sunshine when the weather in the UK turns bad.

One of the wonderful things about heading to the Canaries for a trekking break is that there is so much variety between the seven islands that make up the archipelago. For instance, you can explore a relatively new volcanic landscape on La Palma, where the most recent eruption was just 40 years ago, while on Tenerife you can visit Teide National Park and discover the mountain of the same name that is one of the Canaries’ most famous landmarks.

La Gomera is another good choice for a walking break, as it not only boasts interesting rock formations, but also the amazing forest of La Garajonay. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s protected because so many of the plant species found here are extinct elsewhere.

Our final option sees us head back to the Himalayas, but this time in India. Nepal’s much larger neighbour also boasts some stunning trekking opportunities, including hikes that will give you outstanding views of Everest. In fact, the main reason to visit during November is because of these vistas, as the weather at this time of year is generally very clear.

The Ladakh region is one part of the country worth considering for a hiking break, as it is renowned for its amazing, unspoilt scenery and its remote, friendly mountain villages where you can get an insight into traditional life.


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