Top reasons why travelling alone rocks

Are you the type of person who can’t imagine eating a meal in a restaurant by yourself? Do you cringe at the thought of sitting in a movie theatre alone? If so, you probably have never thought of taking a trip by yourself, right? There are actually several reasons why travelling solo can be a recipe for the best vacation ever!

Planning is a breeze

One of the toughest things about planning a trip with other people is trying to co-ordinate schedules, preferences, budgets, needs and wants. When you plan on your own, the only person you have to consider is yourself! Go when and where you want, do the things you want to do, and tailor your trip to meet your needs and wants.

The ultimate me time

If you are the kind of person who relishes time alone to recharge your batteries, you might struggle to find that time in your everyday life. A solo vacation is the perfect way to detach from the stresses and demands of your everyday life and truly enjoy time for yourself.

You can march to your own beat

Are you an early riser? A night owl? Do you love history? Do you prefer to lay on the beach all day? When you travel alone, you get to decide what to do and when. You decide where to stay, what to eat, the sites to see – everything. When you travel with others, there is inevitably some degree of compromise, but when you travel alone you can do exactly what you want. Wanna eat where u wanna eat? No probs. You can even use Canadian online shopping websites (since Ebates does offer some great deals on airfare, cruises, accommodations, apparel, etc)

You can be whomever you want to be

When you travel alone, you can have fun mixing and mingling with other people, making new friends, or you can keep to yourself and truly enjoy a solo holiday. It’s up to you! You don’t have the same social obligations as you would if you had travel companions.

You’ll feel empowered

If you are the kind of person who tends to rely on others, whether it’s your spouse on your friends, in your everyday life, taking a trip solo can seem impossible. But if you take the plunge and go for it, you’ll come out of the experience empowered and confident. If you can navigate a foreign locale on your own, make your own decisions, and have fun doing it, you can do anything!

You can save money

You may not think that travelling alone is less expensive, but it actually can be. When you travel with others, you may feel pressure to eat in more expensive restaurants, to go on more excursions, to stay in better hotels, etc. When you travel alone, you are totally in control of your budget and you can cut corners where you want and splurge where you want. You are in total control!

If you have never travelled alone, now is the time. Whether you are a young person looking to see the world before college, a professional looking for some down time, or a retired person looking for the trip of a lifetime, travelling alone can be the answer you’re looking for. For travel ideas and advice, check out travel websites such as Singles Travel Service.

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