Top Places to Party Like a Local in Singapore

Singapore is the place that every person looks forwards to visit. The colourful environment blessed with the traditional art and culture is truly overwhelming. In fact, the religious abodes and the peaceful and calm surroundings definitely make a person feel rejuvenated.

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Yes, the fact is true that Singapore has a lot of marvels to offer to the tourists. Thus, along with visiting Singapore to experience the sheer tranquility that can instill a new sense of strength and determination in a person so that he or she can face the challenges that are thrown his or her way, the tourists also make it a point to party hard on the soil of the majestic country. So, if you are one of those people who have already booked your flight and the hotels with the help of the major travel agencies in the country like Yatra, it is high time you find out the names of the top places in Singapore where you can party like a local.



  • Zouk Club: The Zouk Club in Singapore is the oldest places in the country where you can simply let your hair down and party. Located by the Singapore River which adds to the thrill in the atmosphere, the Zouk Club is that location where the people belonging to every age group make it a point to party their hearts out. This place has got many rooms that make it spacious and comfortable. Moreover, because the policies are followed very strictly there, you can be assured that you will be safe in that club. Plus, you can even get a free drink! Now, isn’t that just fabulous?




  • CANVAS Nightclub: The CANVAS Nightclub was brought into the scenario when the previous Home Club delivered its fame and admiration in a new style. Though this place functions as an art gallery during the day, it sure does know how to change the colours to throw one of the grandest parties in Singapore. This is the reason why the locals think that this club definitely possesses the potential to become the best club in the country.




  • Club Kyo: Those who want to party hard with a huge group of people must visit the Kyo club in Singapore which is located at a pristine place. This club boasts of a huge space and a rich musical extravaganza that compel every visitor to dance their way into interacting with new people and, hence, making new acquaintances. Thus, if are visiting Singapore, you must definitely party at Club Kyo; after all, who knows – you might even find your better half there!  




  • Attica: With the greatest music that bangs on the dance floor and gets the playing tapping their feet and swaying their hips, the Attica is one of the finest clubs especially if you want to party like the western world. Though they mostly stick to their own numbers, yet, they do play your favourite international party tracks sometimes to enliven your drowsy mood!




  • Trace Club: For all of you who think that a party without hip hop isn’t a party at all, here’s good news for you. The newest of the lot, the Trace Club, has one of the finest arrangements in the country for hitting the floor and dancing off with your cool moves. Moreover, the laser light shows, that blind your eye every second and make the drinks that you’ve drowned become more effective, are again one of the biggest attractions that make this club so unique and a favourite, especially among the new generation.



Well now that the secret has been leaked, what are you waiting for? Contact the major travel agencies like Yatra who would be happy to help you out with buying your entry ticket to those exotic clubs while you are planning out your trip at home.  

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