Top 5 places to visit in Majorca

Majorca has it all! From vibrant nightlife and culture to sandy beaches, caves and historic sights, this island is a great destination regardless of what you might want to do during your stay. Of course not everyone is inclined to lying on the beach all day so in this guide we have compiled a selection of our top 5 diverse places to visit if you want to make your typical holidays in Majorca that more exciting!


Cuevas Del Drach

How more fittingly could we begin than with the majestic Cuevas Del Drach! This massive cave complex is expanding under the eastern part of Majorca and is home to probably the biggest underground lake in Europe! Stalactites and stalagmites shaped by the passing of ages decorate the place and guided tours are taking you into this wonderful natural monument. The slightly chilly underground environment provides a great break to the hot summer weather so we can’t recommend it enough if you want to take in the magnificent views and enjoy the natural air conditioning provided by the rocks.

Santuari de Lluc

The first monastery built in the grounds of Majorca, Santuari de Lluc is a sight to behold! Located on the north-western part of Majorca on a 525m high basin and crowned by the surrounding mountains, this historic monument was built during the 13th century. Famed for its boys’ choir and annual music events, the Santuari de Lluc is a world renowned pilgrimage site and a great starting point for walking tours of the surrounding mountains. In all a definite must visit during your holidays in Majorca.


The uninhabited islet of Sa Dragonera is a place brimming with scientific importance. Maintained as a natural park and situated off the west coast of Majorca, this islet is home to the endemic lizard of Sa Dragonera and bears an interesting history. Sa Dragonera was never populated although it was used as a roman necropolis, a smuggler hideout and base for watchtowers against the Barbary pirates who often attacked Majorca.

Cala Millor

For the touristy inclined amongst us, Cala Millor with its amazing white sandy beach and numerous resorts is the definite place to be during your holidays in Majorca. Work on your tan, enjoy watersports and sip your cocktail by the beach on one of the beach clubs around! Due to the friendly nature of the coast this place is very family friendly so bring your family along and enjoy the Balearic sun with your children and partner!

Puig Major

If you are a fan of the outdoors then this place is for you! Puig Major is the highest peak on the island of Majorca reaching a height of 1445m with its snowy top being visible at the surrounding areas! Enjoy cycling, hiking and exploring, all while on a Mediterranean island! A certainly worthy place for a daily excursion during your holidays in Majorca.



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