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Tips for buying travel insurance

When people select their travel insurance they usually don’t do their research properly. Some policies will not cover you for everything that you need, there are also a number of policies on offer that are over priced. What you want to avoid is paying too much and buying an inadequate policy that isn’t for you. it is always a great idea to speak to travel insurance companies,  & other companies offer great advice to any potential customers – speaking to a specialist is essential. Once you have listened to the advice that is on offer you should consider the following tips.


Excess Charges

You should always compare the excess charges. Some charges can be almost 4 times that of another company – check closely to see the excess before making a decision.

Annual Cover

It is not a bad idea to consider purchasing annual cover. Annual cover can sometimes cost just a little more than cover for a week long tips. If you can by a multi trip plan then you will have peace of mind anytime you go away, it will also cost you money in the long run.

Match it to your plans

You must remember that policies do not always cover the activities you are doing on your holiday, for example winer sports are not always included with insurance. Obviously this doesn’t matter if you are just going to lounge on a beach chair by the sea, but if you plan to go on a ski holiday in the future then you will need to buy cover that includes it.

Buy in a group

Insurance will always be cheaper if you buy it in bulk. You will save money if you buy it for both you and your partner. The best savings to be had are when booking in a large group, if you are going with your family or a group of friends then make sure you all coordinate who to buy insurance with.

Existing medical conditions

You must be sure to declare any medical conditions that you have before you purchase insurance, if you do not declare any conditions then it could quite easily void any claims that you may make. It may cost you more but it is essential that you are open and honest before you sign anything.

Read everything!

It’s said by everyone, read the small print! Usually we don’t read the small print, but when it comes to your health then you can not take the chance. So sit down and read through all documents before you agree to anything.