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Time to give your car a lift ahead of a road trip?

With the hectic first six months of the year out the way and the temperature starting to increase, drivers will be getting ready to go on their holidays.

For drivers this is the perfect time to get outside and give the car a once over ahead of their road trips. For starters you can give it a clean inside and out.

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Over time your vehicle can amass a range of debris and unwanted items, such as plastic bottles, CDs, receipts, spare change and pay and display stickers. Removing these will ensure your car is a clean and enjoyable space to be in when you get back on the road in time for a long trip to wherever you desire.

Giving the car a wash and wax will also ensure it is looking its best when the sun emerges from behind the clouds. This process will also remove any grime from the vehicle, which can damage the paintwork if left unattended to.  Minor areas of corrosion, stone chips and other paintwork damage should be treated as they will only get worse if left untreated.

Polish offers some paintwork protection and will help to restore any loss of gloss on older vehicles. Use a good quality polish and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

As well as taking these cosmetic steps, it may also be time to consider making sure your car is in perfect mechanical order by having various elements serviced. You can book your vehicle in for a service at ATS Euromaster’s auto centres across the UK.

One element that is often neglected by drivers when giving their car a clean and check-up, is the air conditioning system. Regular checks will make sure that your air conditioning is working at its optimum performance level and that it will keep you cool when it comes to those long hot days.

Fully trained technicians can conduct a free air conditioning temperature check to make sure the system is working correctly. This can raise any major issues and also highlight the need to recharge it. This should ideally be done every two years or so and takes hardly any time, so it can be completed while you wait.

The winter can have a range of impacts on vehicles, due to the cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Therefore, some elements of the vehicle exposed to the worst of the conditions, such as the windscreen wipers, may need replacing.

This is a particularly vulnerable area of the car, but will be very important during those summer showers, which can be heavy and impact negatively on visibility if the wipers are not up to standard and don’t clear water away from the windscreen.

Tyres should also be checked, particularly if your car has been rarely used over the past few months. Long spells standing still can cause damage to the tyres, increasing the likelihood of a blowout at a later date.

Faults such as cuts, splits or bulges should all be checked for and spotted, with any tyres showing these signs replaced.


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