The Kingdom of Bhutan

Three Travel Contests That Require Talent

If you read my blog or Twitter feed somewhat regularly, you know that I love travel contests! Sure, I have yet to win one, but I’m not giving up hope. Here are three awesome travel contests that I just found out about. One requires photography skills, and the other two rely on your writing abilities.


The Kingdom of Bhutan

Photography contest: has just launched a new contest (technically a scholarship) in conjunction with National Geographic Channel. To apply, you submit a maximum of five photos that tell as story about a place you have visited. The deadline is 10/17/2010.

The winner gets to go to the Kingdom of Bhutan on assignment with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards. The lucky winner will be flown from their home country to Paro, where they will join Edwards and a tour guide for a custom seven-day trip through Bhutan. The scholarship recipient will be given $2,000 AUD (~$1,837 USD) in Pentax equipment of their choice, which they will use to photograph rare and endangered wildlife, local culture, and historical architecture with Edwards. Bhutan limits tourism in order to preserve the local culture and lifestyle, so this adventure would give you a taste of the real Bhutan.


Blue mosque in Istanbul

Writing contest

The entrant who can tell the best story will win this contest for a five-night stay in Istanbul, Turkey at the Midtown Hotel. You will receive free flights, transfers, a romantic dinner, breakfast, and VIP treatment. When you return from the trip you must write 1,000 words about your experience. This article will be published on Great Hotels of the World and

By August 27, you must submit a story of no more than 500 words on one of these subjects:

  • Most romantic travel story
  • Funniest spa story
  • Embarrassing golf story

Email your entry to with the category name you’re entering as the subject line and your contact details. Be careful–they won’t accept entries over 500 words!

Writing contest

Love Anthony Bourdain’s television show “No Reservations”? In the show, he travels around the world and dines on local cuisine, enjoys local drinks, and explores the native culture. With this foodie-geared contest, simply answer the question “What does it mean to cook food well?” The winner will get their entry published in the paperback edition of Bourdain’s bestselling book, Medium Raw! Oh, and they will also win $10,000. You could do a lot of traveling with that.

To enter, you must submit a thesis of 35 words and an essay of 500 words. Entries will be accepted now through 9/30/2010. People can vote on entries, but votes will only count for 10%. The other factors used to determine the winning essay are creativity, originality, and writing style (30% each).

Photo of Bhutan by Steven Evans

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