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Things that you must try when you are in Australia

When you head to Australia you should forget about any kind of diet that you are trying to stick to. Leave your diet at the airport and get ready to eat to your hearts content and drink some great tipples. You would be making a huge mistake if you didn’t head down under and try as much food as you can. Whilst Australia is better know for it’s beaches than it’s food, I can guarantee that you will be nicely surprised by the quality of the food that you will have the pleasure of trying.

There are a number of great things for you to try, the Australian food culture is as strong as it has ever been so take full advantage of every menu and try as many food as is humanly possible when you are on holiday. When you see the magnificent food flying out of the kitchen I’m sure you won’t need too much persuasion. Here is a list of things you should definitely try when you head on travels down under.

The Aussie Burger

Ok, yes, the burger was not invented in Australia, we all know that. But it doesn’t matter where something is created, there is always room for improvement and that has taken place down under. When you are the road you will find yourself seeing fantastic burgers all over the place, it is difficult not to over indulge in these tasty creations. You will definitely be chowing down on burgers full of onion, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, bacon, fried egg and pineapple – a meal of champions!

Aussie Beer

No trip to Australia would be complete without sampling some of the refreshing beer that is on offer. WE all know some of the most popular beer that is exported from Australia, but what we don’t realise is that most of Australia does not drink the beer they export, the majority of people would prefer to hold on to their best beer than send it overseas. You will be able to find a huge selection of during your trip, each area will have it’s own brew so make sure that you try one when you see one. In addition to the beers, there’s nothing like sampling some great wine while down under.

Burger Rings

If you don’t feel like devouring one of the big, delicious, Aussie burgers then you should choose the next best thing for your meal. The Burger Ring is a fried dish, they are meant to to taste just like a burger would taste after is has been barbecued, sounds delicious right? Well the only way you will know just how good they are is by heading down under to order one up and taste for yourself.

Gold Coast

Gold Cost is a must visit place in Australia, here is a list of things we like to do in Gold Coast in Australia!

Great Barrier Reef

Words can’t describe this one, it can be seen from the outer space! Check out this article I read a while ago about Great Barrier Reef that will make you buy a ticket to Australia, just to go there!