Things That You Must Do In Japan


Japan is one of the most diverse and interesting places in all of Asia, what I love about it is that there really is no country that it is comparable to anywhere else in the world. To me it is one of the most elegant cultures on the entire planet and there really is nothing better than a Japan experience. I have compiled a short lists of things you must do in Japan, I hope you enjoy reading more about it.

Eat Japanese food

Japanese food is world renowned for its amazing taste, authenticity and quality. The Japanese truly focus on the small details that make eating more of an art than a necessity and the regional difference make it one of the most diverse cuisines on the planet. I just love all the small touches that make Japanese cuisine so intricate, but simple, such as the addition of a drop or two of sesame oil, sesame seeds or razor thin strands of seaweed as a garnish. You absolutely must try things like sashimi, tempura, gyoza and so much more. Tempura is one of my personal favourites because you can eat meat or vegetables fried in a very delicate and crispy rice flour batter.

Go shopping

Japanese is world famous for its culture of shopping and the Japanese market is home. Just like everything the Japanese do, there is a high attention to detail on the things that they produce. They are also very proud of things produced in Japan, which are a world renowned sign of quality. You can find possibly the highest quality clothing, electronics, toys and many other things here. Things that are sold in Japan are often not available in Europe, the United States or the rest of the world. This means that what you buy is very likely to be unique and it is very unlikely that all your friends will have it!

Visit a temple

Japan wouldn’t be complete without the huge number of Temples that it is home to. Kyoto is one great example of a place that has an unbelievable number of temples. Not only do Japanese temples look stunning, but their construction is also a wonder as they do not use nails, but rather Japanese wooden joinery to hold them together! They often feature beautiful and peaceful gardens, and are the perfect place to soak in the culture and beliefs of the Japanese. I would highly recommend visiting the Kinkaku-ji or Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.

Watch the people

The Japanese are a curious and colourful people and in many places it is just a great thing to sit in a crowded place and watch the people pass by. Not only are you bound to see some colourful characters among the sea of normal people. The most interesting thing is that these people somehow blend in and the “normal people” seem to take no notice of them. If you head to the Harajuku district in Tokyo, for example, you can see many people dressed as though they would be cartoon or anime characters! There are many districts in the various cities where you can find such people and it is always an interesting experience to do so.

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