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The Yearly Great Singapore Sale

If shopping and traveling (at the same time) are two of the things that give you  true pleasure, you should know where you should be. Singapore it is! But to give more delight. Be sure you are there when the Great Singapore Sale happens.

During this time of the year, forget about your heels, prepare your flats and for a long day’s worth of walk.

There’s just a lot of streets and alleys to go to as all stores are on sale!

But of course, Orchard Road tops the list of the places you must drop-by. This looooong road gives you too many malls and too many choices. There’s always a mix and match of totally high-end to mid-range shopping.

BugisBut for the budget conscious, there’s always Bugis Street, where you can find tons of nice things like souvenirs to bring home to your family and friends, I love SG shirts and other nice prints (like: I got jailed in SG! hah!). If you tend to find bags and accessories though, don’t expect things to be top in its kind. But this too, is one long alley where there are different knicks and knacks.


This season offers 50 to 70 percent discounts! Just be patient in rummaging through piles of items in every store to find your match.

discounted blouse

Here is one of my good finds! 50% discount for a blouse!

The tourist gets an advantage. Especially for malls around Orchard and Marina Bay, you can simply present your passport in the customer information booth and surprises await. It can span from discount cards, coupons and vouchers to better enjoy shopping.

All these you can experience country-wide if you go to Singapore between mid-May to June! Book your accommodation in any of the partner hotels and you can even enjoy more discounts.

I'm Phoebe, a writer who lives in the bustling city of Manila in the Philippines. Apart from staying in this archipelagic country with various interesting beaches, mountains and plains, hey,I still want to travel the world. I was lucky to visit a few Asian countries. I found the (very!) best egg tarts I've ever tasted in Jordan, Kowloon; fell truly in-love with Thailand's serenity and Phuket's seascape; visited Singapore three times and finding out new interesting places each time; and flew at 72 meters above sea level in Sentosa's Zipline. With these few trips, it fueled me to achieve more travels in the next few years. I dreamt to travel farther and wider across the globe, with the promise of setting foot on Paris before I die. I'm not afraid to travel alone. And I'm not afraid to get lost, that is part of the journey. I can walk all day and night exploring the city, the culture and relish the different delicacies. With travelling, there is much languages to learn, cultures to understand, people to know, and I am ready for that. These all shows the risk-taker in me. Apart from jumping to different places, I love to work and to write (wherein working and writing does not make any difference to me). I take opportunities as they come, with the fear that it will never come again. With that said, I am very eager to take part on each of your journeys and share whatever experiences and knowledge I have to help each of you (our readers) have a trip that you cannot forget. Cheers!