The Way to Stay In Cappadocia

Cappadocia is gorgeous. The fairy tale town set in central Turkey is or should be one everyone’s Go To list (check out these Turkey Packages). The entire regional landscape has been carved out by wind, rain and snow creating picturesque hills that have now been carved into churches, restaurants and hotels. Its really quite a magical place.

Myself and the two gents I was travelling with, Johnny and Carl, decided we’d like to stay at a traditional cave style hotel. Cappadocia itself is a region and within it there are 3 surrounding towns that make it up. Ortahisar, Goreme,and Uchisar. A friend put us onto a unique hotel in Uchisar, said he had really enjoyed his time there and the owner was a stand up guy. We took the advice and decided to book 3 nights at the

When we arrived in Cappadocia it was dark. We had come from Ankara on the bus. So by the time we found the hotel, which was quite easy, it must have been close to 7. Walking up we see a large, stylish lit up sign that reads Castle In hotel. “That’s gotta be it” Johnny said, being the wise man he is. The hotel really does look like a castle. There are large white stone walls enclosing the whole hotel with a large, open air, multi-level lobby. We approached the big castle doors of the hotel and knocked. Instantly we were greeted by Suat, the friendly, charismatic owner of the Castle In Hotel. He was eager to see us. We were offered a beverage and conversation in the courtyard that was decorated with a modern mid evil castle feel. He then showed us our stunning rooms. White rock caves that were transformed into beautiful rooms with low lighting and wooden furniture to keep it authentic.

After a great sleep we headed out to the breakfast hall that is uniquely underground. There they had a full Turkish breakfast spread. Eggs, cheese, sausage, bread and all the spreads you could want. After filling up we departed on a toue that Suat had been kind enough to organize for us. We were picked up and dropped off at the hotel doors.

That night even though it was a tad cold being it was late November in Turkey, we climbed up to the roof top terrace and talked about our day. In the summer they have BBQ’s and it would be a perfect place to sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set.

By the end of our 3 nights we had become friends with the owner and did not want to leave the gorgeous setting of the Castle In Hotel. If you want a friendly, comfortable stay while in Cappadocia I would recommend the Castle In Hotel.

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