The Tour that Changed my Mind

Cappadocia is something to behold. The natural landscape in the area is more than postcard worthy. It’s book a flight worthy. Its home to the stunning Fairy Chimneys and one of the most popular places on earth to soar the skies in a hot air balloon. The entire regional landscape is amazing. Ancient volcanos that erupted hundreds of years ago along with wind, rain and snow have moulded the earth creating picturesque hills that have now been carved out and transformed in churches, restaurants and hotels.

I’m not usually a tour buff. I much prefer to grab my own transport to a hotspot so I can enjoy the freedom of wandering were I please, when I please. However, a friend mentioned that we check . A private driven tour. I decided to bend a knee and give in to a tour.

Murat was waiting outside our hotel at 9:30am sharp with a brand new Nissian 4×4. We climbed in and headed off. In our seat pockets he had bottled water and info booklets which was a great start. We cruised through the streets until we were up on a perfect view of where we were staying. He gave a few quick bits of info, snapped some photos for us and off we went again. Exactly how I like to travel. Instantly I was glad we had chose for a tour.

Next we were headed to the open air museum. Not before we made a surprise off road turn down a sandy road to check out a fantastic look at the landscape of an ancient volcanic eruption. Murat was completely willing to answer any questions we had, take photos for us and make moves when we had our fill of a place.

After the open air museum we grabbed a Turkish coffee at a local spot with another stunning view and then over to pigeon valley where, you guessed it, hundreds of pigeons live.

It had been a full morning of sight seeing and lunch was on our minds. We headed to the Silene Restaurant where we received an amazing 4 course meal with wine and food. This place was also a jewellery factory, so after lunch we received a private tour of how some of the art was made at the Hanem Art Centre.

After noon we kept moving. We experienced The Fairy Chimneys, imagination valley and a tour of the famous pottery factory in Urgup, that is completely underground.

To top it off we had mentioned we were interested in a Turkish bath. Murat quickly told us of a great spot in Goreme. So after the tour we headed over for the royal treatment. We started with a hot tea, clay facial and moved into a sauna. After getting a good sweat on we headed to the cleanse room. There an excited Rambo looking man scrubbed and cleaned my body. You’d be surprised how dirty travelling can be. Getting a soap massage post scrub was great. They soap you up, stretch you out and rinse you off. Next is a cool jacuzzi to relax you before having another hot tea and finally a quick oil massage.

A unique end to an incredible and highly highly enjoyable day. and Murat have changed my prospective of tours. If your in Cappadocia, getting a tour with them is hands down the best way to see the region.

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