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The Lowdown on Cruises

P&O Cruises recently released news of one of the newest and most exciting developments on the seas to date. It’s British and it’s big. Britannia is a pioneering cruise ship, larger than any made for the British market before. The ship is launching in the spring of 2015 and will hold several swimming pools, dining areas and bars. Weighing in at 141,000 tons, the Britannia is the same size as ten 100ft blue whales. It will also have a prestigious art collection worth one million pounds. The ship was named after the (now retired) Royal Yacht Britannia, which you can still visit in Edinburgh.

The chief executive for P&O Cruises and Carnival UK, David Dingle, has confirmed that permission has been granted for the ship to take this name; a fitting title for such a majestic ship. P&O Cruises have historically named their ships after important events relating to the Royal Family. In 1887, they built a quartet of ships to honour Queen Victoria’s jubilee, aptly called ‘Jubilee’ as a group. Britannia, Victoria, Oceana and Arcadia make up the Jubilee group together. So Britannia joins a long line of prestigious cruise liners; closely tied to the history of Britain and the Royal Family.

You can book your ticket now to set sail on this pioneering gem in spring 2015. Check out the infographic to see some other facts about Britannia, and start gearing up for a trip one of the biggest passenger ships in history.

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