The Eiffel Tower by Emily Gerson
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The Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 1st Edition

This carnival is meant to bring readers some of the best fresh travel content in the blogosphere. To learn more about why I started it, read this post.

How does it work? Each month, travel bloggers submit their favorite post they have published from around the past month. They do this by filling out this form and giving me the URL and title of the post. I go through the submissions, weed out the spammy stuff (or things that are way older than a month, aren’t blog posts, or obviously aren’t written by Gen Y folks). Once a month, I put together a post like the one below showcasing the work. Traditionally, blog carnivals rotate each time on a different blog. After another month or two, I will let other bloggers host it, and they will get to curate it.  The next edition will go live here on August 1. Bloggers, submit by July 31 to be included!

Without further ado, here is the first edition of the Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival! Enjoy.


The Eiffel Tower by Emily Gerson


  • Never Ending Voyage lists the many reasons why you should give Couchsurfing a try when you travel.

Solo Travel

  • Twenty-Something Travel writes about how she discovered the art of solo travel and learned to love being alone. As she wisely points out, being alone is not the same thing as being lonely.
  • Where is Yvette? answers many common questions she receives when people find out she has traveled solo.


  • Who knew you could find Russian religion art in a small Northeast town? Virtual Gdbk reveals her favorite small museum in America, which lies in the sleepy town of Clinton, Mass.
  • Bacon is Magic discusses her experience of going to a real cockfight in Nicaragua and compares it to cockfighting in the Philippines, and she questions whether she should have gone.
  • Zen and Mountain Biking recounts a recent road trip in California with his family and reminds readers that you shouldn’t miss out on a good travel experience just because you remember it in poor light from the past.
  • A Dangerous Business explains what it was like being in Ireland–a place where drinking is like a national

    pasttime– on New Year’s Eve and actually not drinking any alcohol.

  • Thinking about teaching overseas? TripBase outlines the 10 best places to teach English abroad.


  • Backpack getting too heavy? FoxNomad helps travelers learn how to put their backpack on a diet.

Tips and Planning

  • Let’s face it: being on the road for a long time can be tough. Backpacking Matt outlines seven great tips for long-term travel.
  • I’m a big planner when it comes to travel, but some people prefer to be more spontaneous. A Life Out Loud argues why you shouldn’t plan ahead for your trip to Europe.


  • Wondering how people in other countries are reacting to the World Cup? Culture Shock shows a video of what things were like in Munich when Germany beat England.
  • Nomadic Matt discusses why he thinks travel is really about making connections, and describes some of his experiences with making connections while traveling.
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