The emergence of ‘Secret Hotels’

“Can you keep a secret?”

That was the first email that caught my attention this morning. Intrigued, I opened it.


For those in the know, luxury hotels for a steep discount are easily within hand’s reach. Growing in popularity is the emerging trend of secret hotels. You’re provided a star rating, relative location, and basic details about the hotel’s facilities. Until you secure a reservation, the property’s identity will not be revealed.  Why do they hide their names? To keep prices down and for you to profit. Often times the prices on these sales are significantly lower than what is published on the hotel’s own brochures and website. If you are flexible about location and can relinquish control over knowing which exact hotel you’ll be booking, I encourage you to give it a shot.

You can score major deals booking in this fashion, nabbing 4 and 5-star hotels upwards of 50% off the standard rate. What’s great is that you can do so without needing to compromise on quality of services and comfort. They are ensured to uphold the high standards of luxury hotels. Typically, websites that run secret hotel sales handpick and personally review the properties. You are guaranteed to get more than what you paid for.

The trend is being led by offering a multitude of deals. And what are people’s reactions and experiences with secret hotels? They have been overwhelmingly positive. One anonymous person called it “sensational.” Several received complimentary upgrades, including going from a studio room to a two-bedroom penthouse apartment!

Secret hotels not only save you money, but are refreshing as well. Often times we’ve gotten to the point of over-detailing our travels. Secret hotels put the mystery back into vacations. It feels like gambling without the risk. It adds excitement. Leave it to chance and you will be rewarded.

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