The best attractions in the USA

The USA is such a vast country, it is one of the largest countries on the planet and it’s diversity means that it is a perfect place for you to visit. With a huge seleciton of USA holidays, there are so many things to do, from fantastic architecture to natural wonders, there really is something for everyone here. I have tried to choose what I think are the best things that you must see when you go on , of course there are so many things to visit and some may not have made the list. Let me know what you think of the list, what would you have added? What would you have not included? USA holidays have been popular for a long time, people from all over the world flock to the USA each year. Before we get to the list of things to see, I should add that you should leave any diet that you are on at home! The food in America is simply amazing, the portions are huge and the flavours big, you should make sure that you eat as much as you can. Eat like a king for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be amazed by the size of the meals but delighted that they gave you so much. So, after you’ve loaded up on food at breakfast here are some of the best things for you to visit.

The Las Vegas Strip

You will find the most iconic stretch of road in the world in Las Vegas. Everyone is familiar with the bright lights of the strip even if they haven’t been, after seeing it in hit movies such as ‘The Hangover’ the strip is instantly recognisable. Visiting Vegas is a fabulous idea, you will see unbelievable sites and you will be blown away by the excess of the place. With it’s bright lights, huge casinos and amazing nightlife you ware sure to have a great time when you visit.

The Grand Canyon

This has to be the most famous canyon on planet earth! We have all seen remarkable pictures and video from this place. It is probably on most people’s bucket list or on a wish list of things to visit before they die. You will have to head to North Arizona to witness this unbelievable natural spectacle, it is worth the trip to see one of the greatest attractions in the whole country. You would be surprised to hear that it is neither the biggest or longest canyon in the world, but the colours and landscape make it one of the most stunning.

The White House

The White House is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, it is arguably home to the most powerful man on the planet, the President. If you are in Washington DC then you must head to the White House. It was constructed in 1792, since that date the building has become more and more iconic, featuring in hundreds of hollywood movies and in the news daily. You are able to take tours of the house, make sure that you book ahead and do your research before going to avoid disappointment. In recent years it has become more difficult to visit the White House, so plan your trip thoroughly.