pizza bianca

Tasty snacks to try in Rome

Just like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, we too, should just get out of our way once in a while to eat great food life has to offer while also forgetting about diet and just … enjoy.

Unarguably, Italy offers one of the most invigorating foods all over the world. In fact, we have named a few in an earlier post. We”d like to broaden this and check out some more of the best tasting foods to try in this gastronomically lovable place called Rome.

Pizza Bianca

Despite the numerous pizzas you have tried in your lifetime, definitely Pizzas in Italy is a must try. Need I say more? Well, best pizzas — those thin and crusty ones — can be found in Rome. But deviating from our typical pizzas, Pizza Bianca is a good try. These are those pizzas not covered in tomato sauce; basically it”s the pizza dough and olive oil. Note: when you see a bread/pizza store with a bunchful of people falling in line for this pizza, you”ll know it”s one of the best. This you”ll see in Forno Campo de” Fiori. Have it wrapped and eat your pizza on-the-go.

pizza bianca


No these aren”t your typical meatballs. Basically, it”s rice.. .in a ball and more! That description sounded a bit crazy. In that small ball, they can combine rice with mozzarella cheese and egg. In some restaurants, you can even have a variation for the rice mixture, and top that will a tomato sauce dip, that just tastes perfect!


 Fiori di Zucca

Up until now, I still wonder how can Romans and Italians can come up with truly creative and tasty meals.  Fiori di Zucca, however complicated it may sound, is simply put, a squash blossom stuffed with cheese and anchovies. Bite and crunch, it is. The blossom itself gives this crunchy feel while you also feel the cheese spreading into your mouth.

fiori di zucca


Off to dessert! Forget ice cream; though it may be your childhood favorite, it”s time to know that there”s something better than that – Gelato. Although it”s pretty much similar to our known ice cream, there”s something different — it”s creamier, and (drum roll for the diet conscious) lower fat content. Restaurants usually compete with the number of flavors they have and you can always try some variety. But Giolitti has gotten the most fame for gelatos in Rome.


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