TAKE A CITY BREAK The UK boasts of fabulous cities soaked in rich culture and history. Taking a city break allows you to familiarize with some of UK’s best cities and take in some iconic highlights that give the cities their charm and character. Some of the cities that you can include for a city […]

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‘What A Weekend!’: Top 5 Things To Do In Leeds

Leeds is famous for its modern city centre, cosmopolitan vibe and diverse night life. Renowned for hosting cultural festivals such as Leeds Festival (Reading Festival’s sister music event), the Leeds International Film Festival and some of the best galleries and museums in the UK – this urban city truly does have it all. A large […]


Escape to North Wales

If you are simply looking to get away for it all for a couple of weeks (or even just for a long, relaxing weekend), you don’t have to go jetting off halfway around the world. There are plenty of places almost on your doorstep that can serve as the perfect foil to working life in […]

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London: Off the beaten track

Travelling is all about propelling yourself out of your comfort zone and discovering new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. It’s only natural to want to see the big attractions for yourself, but once you’ve ticked these off your list why not explore the quirky side of cities such as London? Making […]


Top 5 places to visit while studying in London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world: a vibrant, bustling metropolis, bursting at the seams with culture, history and unique experiences. If you’re studying in London, make the most of your stay by checking out some of these fantastic activities that every Londoner should attempt. Victoria & Albert Museum The much-loved V&A […]


Exploring the UK Cheaply

Whilst it is always easy to discuss exotic locations when talking about travel, that isn’t to say that there isn’t anything available on your own doorstep. Life is typically what you make of it; in this regard, there are many varied and fantastic locations within the UK, if you’re willing to put the effort in […]


Somerset. Not just for the summer

Somerset may gain its name from ‘the land of the summer people’ but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it like the plague come winter.  In fact, Somerset is packed with things to do throughout the year and this is our pick of winter fun.  Why not wrap up warm and come to Somerset for […]