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The Many Statues of Dublin, Ireland

O’Connell StreetI was in Ireland last month,  taking an epic road-trip throughout the island (the only way to ‘do’ Ireland properly, just make sure your tank is always full and your tyres are pumped, the roads get a little bumpy!). Any problems with your tyres though, check out eiretyres.com and you’ll be sorted in no time. […]

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48 hours in Athens

Europe is surely the epicentre of the ‘city break.’ Nowhere else can you access such a broad variety of cultures so close together, making it a prime location for a city break in 2016. Assuming you wrapped work up on Friday morning, hit the airport and flew out to Athens in the afternoon, you’ll be […]

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New Year, New York: 5 reasons to make 2015 the year to hit the big apple

Think America, think New York City? Everyone does, it’s not just the big apple – it’s the big everything. We’re bombarded with images of New York from a young age and for most of us – it evokes an utter sense of wonder. From the never ending streets to the big and beautiful parks, New […]



TAKE A CITY BREAK The UK boasts of fabulous cities soaked in rich culture and history. Taking a city break allows you to familiarize with some of UK’s best cities and take in some iconic highlights that give the cities their charm and character. Some of the cities that you can include for a city […]

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Saving Money While On the Road

Traveling is truly a mind blowing and enlightening experience for many people. It is something that everyone should experience at some point in his or her life. There is nothing that compares to learning about a new culture first hand and learning something about yourself in the process. While many people would love to travel […]

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10 Reasons to visit South Africa

South Africa is such a fantastic country, it has to be a must see and on every bucket list. generic cialis lowest price are becoming increasingly popular. Here are ten reasons why you should visit South Africa. Budget travel WIth everyone watching their spending these days, South Africa offers a great place to take your […]