Three Beach Destinations That You Shouldn’t Miss When Touring Thailand

If you’re looking for a beach vacation that is unlike any other, then Thailand is the place to be. The beauty of the beaches in this Southeast Asian county is simply unmatched that is why it is flocked by tourists from all over the world. Because of this attribute, flights to Thailand have become some […]


3 Adventurous Breaks to Choose from in 2013

DIVING IN THAILAND Thailand is endowed with a fabulous coastline which offers some of the best diving locations in the world; the spots are so alluring and varied that you are left spoilt for choice. With more than 2000 kilometers of clear warm waters, you can dive in both the Andaman waters off the West […]

Gaeng massaman

Thailand's Best Curries

Thai food is pretty popular among us Brits, and it’s really not hard to understand why. The mix of sour and sweet tastes, alongside the kick of heat and spice, makes a lot of the nation’s dishes utterly irresistible. I’m particularly fond of the curries, so today I’ll be looking at which are the absolute […]


Top Backpacker Destinations

All-inclusive resorts and strict itineraries aren’t to everyone’s taste. Many tourists like their holidays to be an open book of adventure, and they much prefer seeking out off the beaten path wonders than booking into a cushy hotel. Whether it’s for one week or half a year, a backpacking holiday can be a truly life-changing […]

volunteering in thailand

Volunteering in Thailand

It’s no secret that Thailand is a place of beauty. The juxtaposed cultural nuances of modernity and tradition, usher even the most seasoned traveller into new experiences that they won’t have had, anywhere else in the world. One of the best ways to see Thailand, in terms of both cost and experience, is to volunteer. […]