What To Do In Jakarta

Jakarta offers what many cities do not, a wealth of leisure and sightseeing that is truly world class. The city is especially great due to its mixed cultural background, with various influences from Asia, Java, Arabia and the Dutch. Jakarta is a world city that you should visit at some point and this article will […]


5 Things not be missed in Bali, Indonesia

The verdant and volcanic island of Bali is an Indonesian slice of Paradise. Some would argue that in recent years the island has become a seedy, tourist-overrun cesspit, tragically spoilt by hardcore partygoers and devil-may-care thrill-seekers. Others would disagree. And they’d be right. While the swell of tourism has indeed prompted a huge change over […]

Indonesian Sights

Holiday in Indonesia

My holiday to Indonesia was long-awaited and blessed with gorgeous weather as I arrived to a cloudless sky, sparkling beach and incredibly friendly locals. I arrived to Jimbaran Bay at the start of the weekend, having heard that this cute little fishing village was a quiet spot to avoid the major tourist traps, with a […]