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48 hours in Athens

Europe is surely the epicentre of the ‘city break.’ Nowhere else can you access such a broad variety of cultures so close together, making it a prime location for a city break in 2016. Assuming you wrapped work up on Friday morning, hit the airport and flew out to Athens in the afternoon, you’ll be […]

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Top Five Places to Visit in Greece

It’s hot, it’s cheap, and there’s a lot to do – it’s not surprising that Greece is a perennial favourite holiday destination. Here, we take a look at the top five places to visit when you fly out to the home of the ancient world: 1. Athens The Greek capital is one of the most important […]


See Something You Haven&;t Seen Before: Go Cruising!

While flying to distant lands may indeed prove one of the most popular forms of travel, a greater number of British and Europeans are choosing to travel by cruise ship. Not only is a cruise fun and luxurious, but it will allow travellers to experience the sights and experiences that Europe has to offer from […]

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Greece: A little bit of everything

Greece is a country with something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a vibrant city, a peaceful trip into the countryside, or an unforgettable beach vacation, the mainland and its adjoining islands have what you need for the holiday of a lifetime. With hundreds of cheap deals including free child places in 2013, Greece is an […]


Top 10 Hotels in the Greek Islands

Few holiday destinations offer as much variety and sublime relaxation as the Greek Islands. Delicious Mediterranean food, friendly people, rich historical and cultural sites, and some of the clearest water in the world await travelers. Finding the best deals on accommodation can be tough though, so here are some recommendations for islands you might be […]

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3 Nice Places to go to in Santorini

Yes, we just can’t get enough of Santorini. This is probably one of the most breath-taking places in the whole world. It’s so genuinely dramatically romantic that you’d want to stay there. The best way to explore Santorini would be by foot but if it’s your first time, you’d be better off joining a tour […]