3 Adventurous Breaks to Choose from in 2013

DIVING IN THAILAND Thailand is endowed with a fabulous coastline which offers some of the best diving locations in the world; the spots are so alluring and varied that you are left spoilt for choice. With more than 2000 kilometers of clear warm waters, you can dive in both the Andaman waters off the West […]


Exciting cities in France to visit for a short break

Paris is probably the first name which springs to mind when considering great cities to visit in France. The capital is packed with well-known, historical and cultural sights which are visited by around 30 million people a year, but there are many other great cities to visit in this huge country, all offering something different […]


Thoughts on Holidaying in the South of France

France will always hold that element of romantic idealism. With beautiful, rolling landscapes and warm, welcoming villages it has often been regarded as a perfect getaway. A villa in the South of France is a popular summer holiday destination. Without the faster pace and the drudgery of normal life, France offers leisurely strolls, famously fine […]


France: More than Just the Eiffel Tower

I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be better than the Eiffel Tower in France? Well, for all of you romantics out there, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there really is a lot more to France than just the Eiffel Tower. Let me prove that to you here. If you’ve ever dreamt […]

The Promenade des Anglais

5 Things to See in Nice

Nice is one beautiful city, so if you’re flying to Nice, make sure to check out these 5 top sights: The Nice Observatory The Nice Observatory is located on the summit of Mont Gros. The observatory was established in 1879. When it became operational one year later, the observatory housed a 76-cm refractor telescope that […]

eiffel tower at night

5 free things to do in Paris

Paris is known to be the most idealistic, artistic city in the world which also makes it one of the most expensive to travel in! But don’t despair my budget backpacking friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t find another way, avoiding the pricey temptations. This city can offer you the sweetest escape for the lavish […]