What To Do In Jakarta

Jakarta offers what many cities do not, a wealth of leisure and sightseeing that is truly world class. The city is especially great due to its mixed cultural background, with various influences from Asia, Java, Arabia and the Dutch. Jakarta is a world city that you should visit at some point and this article will […]


Street eating in Rome

When in Rome, you don’t have to seek out the nearest Michelin-star restaurant for good eating. Of course, everyone loves a lobster prepared by a famous chef, but the street markets of the Italian capital whip up equally tasty delicacies every single day. Rome has a strong traditional background when it comes to street food, […]


Tuscan Cuisine: Simple, Hearty Italian

While Italian food is perhaps the best known and widest spread worldwide, many are sadly unaware of the immense regional diversity that characterizes the nation’s cuisine. The more you travel in Italy, the more you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the immense range of ingredients, styles, dishes, desserts, wines, and more that are endemic to each […]