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Saving money abroad with a credit card

When travelling overseas and using your credit card it’s likely you’ll be charged when you make purchases and withdraw cash from an ATM. It can be difficult to keep a close eye on your transactions – but it’s increasingly important to avoid the surprise of any foreign transaction fees you weren’t expecting. So when considering credit […]

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Make Money While Traveling: My Tips and Tricks

If you hope to sustain yourself on the road long term, some serious financial planning is in order. Even in places where the daily cost of living is relatively expensive, your accumulated costs will inevitably become substantial over time. So how do you mitigate it? Here are three main forms of income for the discerning […]

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3 ways to finance your next trip

Travelling is awesome! Forget school, forget work… the best way to enrich your knowledge is to travel. OK a week or 2 in good old Benidorm, Faliraki or even Sharm El Sheikh is nice, but it isn’t really getting into the thick of seeing another culture. More often than not you’ll be stuck with likeminded […]