How To Spend 48Hrs In Singapore

Now you are in Singapore. You are wondering on how you can spend your first 48 hours in the big place. Actually there are many things you can do within the two days you will be in Singapore. First, just go for your best things you love doing. If you love just seeing new places, there are many places with great attractions you can go and enjoy. First, if you arrive in the morning for example, just visit one of the top places in Singapore where you will be served breakfast. There are several restaurants you can visit and get to interact with the locals where you will taste the native food. Here are some of the things you can do in Singapore within 48 hours:

Eat at Shinji

Shinji is among top places you can eat in Singapore. You will access a wide collection of menus for you to choose from. If you are among those who will like to learn new things, you can have the best opportunity to learn about Singaporean foods. Check on the menu and pick some of the dishes you will like to learn about. The restaurant serves most of the foods you may be interested to test. The attendants at the restaurant will relate with you in a professional manner so that you will be assured of great meals.

Shop electronics at Sim Lim

You will like to buy something which you will take back home. There are many places where you can go and buy electronics in Singapore, but going for Sim Lim electronics is among the best places where you can go and buy quality electronics at the best prices. Think of any electronic, you will easily find it at the store. You can spend several hours shopping new gadgets at attractive rates. But, you should be careful not to overspend. Always stick to your budget so that you will avoid stress when trying to balance you spending while abroad.

Swim at sea aquarium

Do you love swimming? Then you will not be left behind while in Singapore. You can visit the sea aquarium and swim. It will be a great adventure to have a swim with your loved ones. You will spend several hours swimming till you feel relaxed. There are many visitors who have visited the place, most of them have been fully satisfied with the experience they had. You too will be fully satisfied after you decide to visit the sea aquarium. Take your time and swim while you take photos which you will share on social networks.

Visit the zoo

Singapore has a zoo where you can go and see nocturnal animals. You can visit the place at night and spend some of your evening hours. You will have an opportunity to learn about many things. The zoo has different tourist attractions which you will enjoy with your loved ones.

Check out Marina Bay

At Marina Bay you will have lots of things to do. You can just ride a boat along the Singapore River or just relax and watch dancing fountains at night.

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