Why Southern California is Worth Repeat Visits

Deciding where to go on vacation is important to many travelers. Many people want to have a great vacation. They want to spend time in a beautiful place with lots of things to do during the day and plenty of action at night. One destination that understandably attracts lots of repeat visitors is Southern California.

The southern half of the Golden State is home to many fabulous attractions. Here, visitors will find lovely, welcoming, clean beaches. They’ll also find world-class cities with lots of amazing attraction and a fascinating inland empire full of marvelous adventures. This is one of many reasons why so many people not only choose to go to the southern part of the state but also choose to visit it again and again. In fact, it’s so easy to be swept away by the charm of Southern California that checking the Escondido or Palm Springs Welk resort timeshare cost to rent or own is not out of the ordinary, even on your very first day in the state.

Beautiful Beaches

The southern region of California is home to many glorious beaches. People who are looking for fun in the sun can find it here. The region’s mild climate makes swimming possible for much of the year. Beaches like Laguna Beach, Coronado Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach are world renowned destinations that draw in many visitors. The clean white sands, miles of undisturbed coastline and offshore wildlife allow people to enjoy many kinds of activities. Travelers on a vacation in California can spend their days lounging on the shores of Hermosa beach where dozens of activities await them including surfing and volleyball. They can also spend time in places such as Crystal Cove State Park exploring the tidal pools and admiring the area’s sea life.

Wonderful Culture

In addition to wonderful beaches, this part of the United States is also home to a strong culture. Travelers who love large cities will find them here. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in North America. Home to dozens of museums and the centerpiece of America’s movie industry, Los Angeles is the ideal place to go people watching. It’s also an ideal to play to spend time in one of the area’s many amusement parks. At night, the lights go down and the city comes to life again. Nightclubs, live theater, and other events make this a great place to spend an evening. There are also lots of delicious restaurants in cities such as La Jolla and San Diego. Mexican food is popular and so are cuisines from other parts of the world including South America and Asia.

Inland Empire

Southern California also brings repeat visitors who are pleased to see the area’s inland empire. This part of the state is home to many of the nation’s largest farms, making it easy to enjoy fresh produce and sample many wineries. The inland empire is also home to several national parks. Those who enjoy hiking can head for the Santa Rosa mountains. Many paths lead through the trails here, making it easy for people to get away from the heat of the shore during the day. Those who appreciate the desert and want to see the area’s wildlife can also come here. Resort communities such as Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead make it easy to spend having fun here all year round. The inland empire is also home to many concert venues including the Riverside Municipal auditorium that attracts lots of musical groups.

In short, a trip to the southern part of California offers many indoor and outdoor wonders such as beaches, wineries and large, thriving cities that make it a worthwhile repeat destination.


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