Singapore: the perfect place to recharge on a long trip through Southeast Asia

Every year, many travellers give Singapore a miss on their itineraries. We think this is shortsighted, as this city state has much to offer travellers of all interests and budgets. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you are thinking of including this destination in your explorations of Southeast Asia…


Skip the hostel/hotel – get a serviced apartment

No matter what kind of traveller you are, Singapore presents an opportunity for you to experience a different type of accommodation. If you have been roughing it in hostels during your travels in Thailand, Malaysia, and elsewhere, or if you have grown accustomed to staying in some of the cheapest hotel rooms in the world, a serviced apartment Singapore is your best option during your stay here.

Located in more than 150 locations in Singapore, it is convenient and a great splurge for backpackers, and a great way for mid-range travellers to save money in easily the most expensive place for hotels in the region.

With many of the amenities that top brands boast, a serviced apartment is a cost-conscious way for budget travellers to take a break from shoestring accommodations, while allowing those with more generous travel budgets to not give up much in return for big savings.


Singapore: the city where the world’s cuisines meet

The Malay Peninsula is one of the world’s hotspots when it comes to tasty meals, as it has become home to people of Chinese, Indian, and Malay descent over the centuries. Add in the fact that Singapore has become a global centre of commerce in the 20th century, which has attracted people from across the world to work here (thereby bringing their favourite cuisines with them), and you have the perfect recipe for some amazing food.

With plenty of food courts serving up everything from giant bowls of curry to drool-inducing nasi kandar to chilli crab, as well as five star restaurants preparing exquisite French, Italian, Japanese, and many other global cuisines to a Michelin standard, you won’t be left wanting for quality eats.


A shopping mecca like no other

Due to favourable tax laws and its history as a major trading port, Singapore has long been known as a shopper’s paradise. While there are numerous malls scattered across the city, save time by hitting up the numerous malls strung along Orchard Road.

With everything from top luxury brands like Armani and Hugo Boss to high street labels like Zara and Forever 21, you’ll find that look you’ve been searching for at a price that can’t be beat.


Plenty of entertainment options to keep you engaged

Thanks to its monolithic focus on finance, an industry infamous for the long hours its employees put in, Singapore has long been saddled with the reputation of being a boring place. That may have been true a generation ago, but in recent times, a bevy of attractions have shattered this stereotype.

Marina Bay Sands will satisfy gamblers, Gardens by the Bay will amaze those who like shiny new things, while Sentosa Island provides amusement park thrills and beaches to those looking to enjoy a sunny day outside.

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