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Should You Be Sober on a Cruise? A Look at Safety, Cost, and Fun Factors


Cruises are magical getaways. It’s natural to live it up a bit. After all, how often do you get an opportunity to let go and have such great fun? You must remember that cruise ships are like floating cities. Whether you’re touring the streets of London or floating along the sea, you must be aware of danger. Moderation is the key to a fun and safe experience on a cruise.

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Know Your Limit

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If you’re not a regular drinker, then you may not know your tolerance for alcohol. Generally, the more you weigh, the more alcohol it takes to get you drunk. However, people’s metabolisms vary. Aside from the dangers of getting too drunk (you throw up or can’t find your way back to the stateroom), alcohol can also lead to seasickness.

The inexperienced drinker needs to take it slow. The good news is most people are well fed on cruises, and the food in their system helps counteract some of the alcohol. Don’t think that two trips to the buffet will offset the three drinks you had at the bar. The chances are it won’t. Allow 30-45 minutes between drinks to evaluate how your body is handling the alcohol.

Set Limits Beforehand

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If you’re on a one week cruise, do you really want to spend a day hung over? Set your drinking limit before you take the first sip. The best way to stay with the plan is to determine what time you ought to head back to your stateroom. Allow yourself one drink per hour until that time.

When you’ve reached your limit, tell yourself how much you’re going to enjoy tomorrow’s activities and head back to your room – whether you’re ready or not. Tomorrow is another day, and if you’re going to enjoy it, you’ve got to stick to your guns tonight.

Drink In Groups


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Use the designated driver concept and take turns staying sober. The designated non-drinker should make sure no one in the group is taken advantage of. They should also make sure everyone finds their way safely back to their staterooms and let the group know when it’s time to knock off for the night.

Just like in cities, there is safety in numbers. Females are less likely to be led away from the group into a scary situation, and everyone is less likely to be targeted by pickpockets or scammers. Plus, partying in groups is more fun!

Take Safety Precautions

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One common scenario on cruise ships is lost pocketbooks. If you’ll be drinking, be sure to take no more cash than you need, or use a credit card that can be cancelled. Pay attention to the names of bars and restaurants you visit so if you discover your pocketbook is gone later, you can retrace your steps. Having trouble keeping up with where you’ve gone? This might be a good time to head to bed.F

Whether drinking or sober, it is important to keep how much money you have a secret. Reputable cruise lines like Celebrity cruises ships do their best to make ships as secure as possible, but just like the police can’t always be in the place where a crime happens in a city, it’s impossible for crew members to be everywhere at once. Take the same precautions on a cruise ship you would take visiting a foreign city.


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