Sharing Your Travel Photos with Friends

Postcards remain a timeless classic, rendering a simple yet impeccably meaningful gift that never fails to bring a smile on anyone’s face, and at what cost? All it takes is a little note amidst a beautiful scenery and a stamp. However, it’s one of the simple joys in life that’s often overlooked, especially in today’s modern world with almost everyone living a fast-paced lifestyle. Come to think of it, when was the last time you actually sent one? Maybe, it has crossed your mind but it just didn’t happen. Well, now you can, and have it done with great ease! With the opportunities technology and the internet provide, the possibilities go way beyond postcards as photos are turned into various precious keepsakes to gift and share, or keep for yourself.

One option would be to have them printed on canvas and sent to friends, which is easily done via any of the canvas printing sites you will find online with a quick Google. There’s no buying of postcards and stamps involved, everything will be taken care of as it is stamped and immediately shipped for you. Have fun rummaging through your travel photos and pick one that feels the most significant from each country, or maybe a few of your best shots in a single holiday. Put them altogether to define a blank canvas into a canvas photo collage to hang on your wall and enjoy the nostalgia it brings.

Have your vacation photo printed on coasters, and create an entire set with the same picture or different photos revolving around the same theme. Give a unique twist in a birthday, housewarming party, and any other special event by serving cool drinks in matching fun coasters! For instance, you may want to infuse your luau theme with garlands to wear and bubbles blown in the air. Serve guests with colourful refreshments topped with open umbrellas, placed on coasters with photos from your bright Hawaii trip! They make for perfect souvenirs too with your personalized message written at the back, one for every guest.

Collect 12 photos to incorporate in your very own personalized calendar to be reminded every single day of moments dear to you, with pictures of various holidays and countries you have visited for each month. If you can’t settle for 12, then go and make a collage for every month for more cherished memories to brighten your mood. You simply can’t wait until the time of year comes again for another grand vacation!

Having photos printed onto tree ornaments to decorate your tree during Christmastime brings more than gifts to look forward to, but a one-of-a-kind gathering for all to enjoy. France photos turned into ornaments laden into a tree accented with bells and angels, with the nativity scene to complement it, would remind everyone of the very first Christmas. Serve wine, oysters, sausages and make a Yule log cake for dessert for the perfect France setting. A Mexican trip transferred into ornaments can make way for a full blast Mexican theme with tiny hats sprinkled on the tree along with mini piñatas, and a big one for kids to break and savor the candies! Serve tacos and churros for an awesome treat.

There are countless ways to preserve the good old days, and you can turn your photos into something you can make use of, a pillow, blanket, exquisite home decor, or an item ideal for everyday use but serve well on special occasions too, such as the coasters and ornaments, but you can get creative and dab a touch of magic on almost anything you can think of!

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