Walker Lukens

Africa’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater by Plane

The following post is by Walker Lukens, my good friend who is a contributing writer on Maiden Voyage. He is currently on a month-long trip in Africa. Be sure to check out his last post about exploring The Serengeti. 

We’re deposited on our last day at an airstrip in what feels like the middle of nowhere. There’s no security. No tickets. Our names are on a list. The pilot puts our bags, along with the bags of 7 or 8 other people, into the bottom compartment of the plane. Everyone climbs in. The pilot counts heads. while telling the flight is about a half hour long and that it shouldn’t be bumpy. We taxi to the end of the runway and then, fifteen minutes after arriving at the airstrip, we’re in the air. This trip was from Kirawira airstrip to Lake Manyara airport.


Walker LukensAbout the author: Walker Lukens is a musician and ESL teacher who, most recently, was living in New York, NY. He loves traveling and has been all over the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Western Europe. He has also spent time in Brazil, Israel/Palestine and Serbia. Find him at WalkerLukens.com or on Facebook.

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