See Something You Haven&;t Seen Before: Go Cruising!

While flying to distant lands may indeed prove one of the most popular forms of travel, a greater number of British and Europeans are choosing to travel by cruise ship. Not only is a cruise fun and luxurious, but it will allow travellers to experience the sights and experiences that Europe has to offer from ground level. From the stunning fjords of Scandinavia to the balmy waters of the Mediterranean coastline, cruise ships have proven themselves to be one of the most popular forms of travel in Europe and around the world. So, let us have a quick look as a handful of the top European destinations and what it is that makes these locations so immensely attractive.



The rugged coastline of the Scandinavian nations is surely not to be missed. Although some may choose to fly from London or nearby cities to partake in this Nordic beauty, going on British isles cruises in 2013 allows you to see and enjoy the hidden treasures of the world. The ships themselves offer only the finest amenities while the panoramic views of glaciers, fjords and cerulean blue waters how much is is all but entrancing. In fact, even during the summer months you may have the chance to witness the unparallelled majesty of the northern lights at these latitudes.

The Golden Shores of Spain

When many of us think of the perfect cruise, the calm waters of the Mediterranean will surely come to mind. This serene environment is punctuated by ancient shores and even in the winter months, a welcoming sun can nearly always be found hovering overhead. In addition to these enviable temperatures, the coast of Spain provides some of the most captivating port cities that are sure to leave a lasting impression. As with any excursion, it is best to utilise the knowledge base on good destination sites such as this to help you plan your time when venturing ashore.

The Greek Isles

Boasting the eleventh longest coastline in the world, a cruise to Greece will certainly not be disappointing. Port cities such as Corfu and Santorini are punctuated with ancient ruins and sandy beaches while many of the most famous Greek monuments are arguably best seen from a ship. Panoramic views abound and should you instead wish to remain aboard the boat, evenings can offer some of the best views of the twinkling coastline that you can imagine.

Naturally, these are but three of the hundreds of destinations that can be enjoyed by opting for a European cruise. With a bit of planning and foresight, your holiday cruise can truly become the journey of a lifetime.

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