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Save money while you travel

So you have decided to travel, you want to see as much and do as much as you can, however the main problem with long term travel is ones budget. Knowing what you can do to save that little extra money can give you so much more options and experiences while on your once in a lifetime adventure.

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After travelling a lot myself and also with the advice from other travellers I’d like to offer some advice on ways to get the most out of your trip, while all the time keeping with in your budget. After all no one likes to waste money, especially when there’s so much to see and do. There are so many things you can do to save money whilst travelling the world, including promotions, coupons, cheap air flights and even the simple things like knowing where to eat can save you endless amounts of money.

So now that you have decided to leave the comfort of your sofa and delve into the world of traveling, here are my top tips for saving that much needed cash.

Save money on air flights.

Air flights can be very expensive to far flung destinations but there is a way to avoid some of these high costs. The first it to be flexible with your dates with most airlines if you choose a specific date they will bump up the price, however if you’re flexible you can choose one of the many price comparison sites which more often than not give you an option to search flights for the week or even the month. This way you are able to pick the lowest possible flight available and you will be surprised what you can save, sometimes hundreds of pounds.

Coupons and Promotions

There are now many websites offering great deals on a whole range of stuff from cheap accommodation, to money of at local restaurants, by joining a local mailing list you can get these great offers sent to you via email – Yes it as easy as that. Hyatt Coupon  is one such website I use very often and I’m still surprised how much money I can save whether it be 20% off at local restaurant or a nice bed for the night.


There are many hotels that offer great deals, but by far the biggest saver is you’re not too fussy about where you stay and sleep, there are many options such as staying in a dorm room which you will often find the cheapest with a bed for a night going as little as £3-4. Another option is don’t be scared to half the costs with a stranger (you meet a lot of travellers in the same position as you) this way you get a room and bed at half the cost. Finally If you’re planning of staying in a place for longer than a month consider the option of renting an apartment because this is far cheaper in the long run, just ask a local if he knows where there any apartments for rent.