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Save Money on JetBlue Flights With Twitter

It’s a known fact that you can save money on airfare by using third-party sites such as and, but it never seemed like the airlines themselves offered many specials worth paying attention to.

Now that Twitter has become a major player in the online world, this has changed. Nearly all of the major air carriers have a Twitter feed now, and most of them display  great deals (especially last-minute deals) to their followers that you may have otherwise not known about. Some airlines are going the extra mile and giving their Twitter followers exclusive bargains.

JetBlue is one of the frontrunners of this trend. Starting earlier this summer, they began tweeting “Cheeps,” which are last-minute offers with limited availability. While JetBlue’s main Twitter feed is @JetBlue, they use a separate one, @JetBlueCheeps, for the deals.

The Cheeps are posted every morning and the specials run for only a few days (unless they sell out first). The flights are all one-way and on a specific date, but the deals are hard to beat.

Recent Cheeps include:
$7 for Boston to New York CityJetBlue
$19 for Charlotte to Ft. Lauderdale
$39 for Austin to Boston
$39 for Newark to Tampa
$39 for New York City to Nassau
$39 for Denver to New York City

If you want to save big on travel and have the type of schedule that allows you to take last-minute trips, follow JetBlue’s Cheeps feed and pounce on the cheeps as soon as you see them on Monday mornings!

Have you ever purchased a Cheeps flight?

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