San Francisco in film

The Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see attraction for the majority of people visiting San Francisco, but for many it is already very familiar. That is because the structure, which was completed in 1937, has appeared in many films over the years.

From the days of putting in a star turn in the likes of Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Lauren Bacall driving over it while hiding Humphrey Bogart in her car during Dark Passage, its role in film has come a long way. In fact, San Francisco’s most famous sight has been destroyed more times in celluloid than you could imagine.

X-Men: The Last Stand

If after viewing the bridge on screen so many times you wish to visit it yourself, . You can even walk the 1.7 miles across the structure, as long as you haven’t been put off by seeing it crumble into the bay during successive earthquakes and fires.


In this Hitchcock classic, the character of Madeleine makes a move to jump into San Francisco Bay from the base of the bridge, only to be saved by detective John Ferguson, played by a dashing James Stewart.

It Came From Beneath the Sea

Another great vintage appearance from the bridge can be seen in this 1955 monster movie. The structure is under threat due to a giant mutant octopus that has ventured into human-occupied waters. It ultimate target is the Golden Gate, but a well aimed jet-propelled atomic torpedo saves the day.

The Hulk

Marvel’s green protagonist found himself atop the Golden Gate Bridge in the 2003 film, where fighter jets are sent to attack him. As the structure is busy with commuter traffic, the Hulk leaps onto one of the jets and forces it under the bridge to prevent civilian casualties.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Instead of seeing the iconic landmark face destruction, X-Men: The Last Stand instead decided that the evil to become it would be relocation. In this way, the creators of the film teamed the bridge up with another of San Francisco’s most famous sights – Alcatraz.

It is the character of Magneto who rips the structure from its current position and places it as a connection between the prison island and the mainland. Those wishing to visit both Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in reality will have to do so separately as sadly the bridge remains in its original location.


After an earthquake, triggered by Lex Luther diverting a nuclear rocket into the San Andreas fault, causes much destruction to the bridge, our caped crusader has to rescue a busload of school children about to drop from the structure into the bay. All in a day’s work for Superman.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Holidaymakers anticipating their trip to San Francisco will see the city pop up throughout the Star Trek franchise as it is home to the Starfleet Headquarters and Academy. But it is in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home that the Golden Gate Bridge takes centre stage. Again, it is under attack, but this time it is from an alien probe.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

The title of this film says it all, with the climax moment coming when a shark of ridiculous proportions takes a huge chunk out of the bridge. It is unlikely to put you off a visit, as it is so wacky and unrealistic that even standing on the structure you couldn’t imagine it ever happening.


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