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Review: Lottoland


Everyone dreams of winning the lotto, but not everybody can play every lottery in the world. Most of the time you need to be a resident of the particular country to do so and it just isn’t possible unless you live there. I have however come across a great way to actually enjoy playing all the different lotteries from around the world. It is called Lottoland and I was pleasantly surprised to try some lottos that I have never had the opportunity to try before and thought I would write a little blogpost about my experience.

How it works

The most interesting thing is that in order to play games from around the world, you cannot simply buy a ticket. Instead you are betting on the lottery itself, rather than buying a physical ticket. Lottoland will therefore match what you would have won in the respective lottery that you bet on. This makes it possible to win the huge jackpots of other countries. It is crazy to think that the Powerball lottery had a billion dollar jackpoint earlier in the year. You could even win something like this!

Site layout

It was great to see a very easy and simple layout for the site and I really enjoyed having many different options for each lottery.  I could see what the current jackpot was for each individual lottery with the click of my mouse or a tap of my finger on my smartphone. It really was convenient and pleasant to use.

The advantages

Obviously the biggest advantage is being able to play the best lotteries in the world, without actually having to meet the requirements of actually living in another country. I love that I can play EuroMillions, the Irish Lottery and many more. It was much more fun to have other things like scratchcards and instant win games also. It makes it that much more exciting.

You can also subscribe to lotteries and play them each week or at whatever interval that you like and this is great, because you can never lose your ticket this way.

You also never have to worry about losing your ticket, because everything is done electronically and it doesn’t matter what happens, you will always get whatever you win. I also love that I can do this very easily from home or on the go, even though I am not near a lottery shop.

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